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  1. Hi
    I would like to draw your attention to the chaos being caused by groups of young motorists who congregate in the community hall car park in the evenings. The noise from the car music systems and the rubbish left behind is getting worse and is going to be a real nuisance to anyone who moves into the bungalows and new ‘bunker’ properties. Is there any reason why gates could not be erected and locked to deter the gatherings?

  2. Could I please bring to your attention the condition of the
    Footpath along Trinity Road, the hedge and stinging nettles on the path opposite Trinity Close are over grown and covering the path, is it possible to have this tidied up.

  3. Hi, I have emailed the local Rotary Club regarding the Mayflower Run and Walk and attach a copy here.
    I did cc yourselves but wasn’t sure if you would get it on the address that I had.

    I hope you will be interested in seeing what they have to say.

    “As a Mistley resident, a runner, a daily walker in Furze Hill Woods and a regular volunteer at the Essex Wildlife Trust reserve at Wrabness,
    you will understand that I am in favour of maintaining the beauty of the local countryside, of physical exercise and of supporting good causes.
    So I support the fact that the Mayflower event is taking place today.

    Unfortunately, I see that someone associated with the event has seen fit to use orange spray paint on posts and trees to mark the route through the woods at Furze Hill along the Essex Way.

    Who is responsible for this thoughtless vandalism? How do you intend removing all traces of the paint? Has this been done along the whole 13 miles?
    Will I find orange paint on the trees at my reserve and at Stour Wood?
    How have you chosen to mark the route through the streets of Manningtree and Mistley?

    I assume that the the culprit is not a keen walker or lover of the countryside, or of natural beauty. They would never have considered doing such a thing if they were.

    When responsible sports clubs such as mine, Harwich Runners, organise similar events, they hang signs where necessary and remove them immediately afterwards.
    The weather forecast is good so paper or card signs in reusable A4 plastic sleeves would have done well enough, wouldn’t they?”

    Steve Scutchey


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