Planning Committee Meeting Thursday 6th May 2021


Planning Committee Meeting Thursday 6th May 2021 – 7.30pm – via Zoom platform

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Dear Parish Councillors (All Councillors are Members of the Planning Committee)

You are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of the Mistley Parish Council’s Planning Committee to be held via the Zoom platform on Thursday 6th May 2021 at 7.30pm.

The Meeting will be recorded. (The Parish Council fully complies with the GDPR).

1. Welcome and Apologies for absence – To receive and agree.

2. Public Voice – Prior to commencement of the Council’s business, the opportunity will be given for Members of the Public to speak and to ask questions. This time is limited and is up to 3 minutes per person. Priority will be given to those who have given the Clerk prior notice of their intention to speak/ask questions.

3. Declarations of Interest – To receive.

4. Minutes of the Previous Planning Committee Meeting – To receive, consider and agree the Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on the 1st April 2021. (Minutes attached and on website).

5. Matters Arising/updates from Previous Minutes – To receive and note any updates.

6. To note Planning Decisions made by the (LPA – Local Planning Authority)

a) 21/00360/TCA – 1 Brooks Maltings, Kiln Lane – 2 No. Gleditsia – reduce by 2.5m (Photinia below Gleditsia remove) and other Photinia, Privet and Pyracantha – reduce by 50% – To note that the LPA has approved this application.

b) 21/00419/TCA – Old School, School Lane – 1 No. Willow – fell – To note that the LPA has approved this application.

7. To consider the following Planning Applications/Proposals received from the LPA (Local Planning Authority) – Tendring District Council. All Councillors Please view plans online before the Meeting.

a) 21/00531/TCA – Acorn Village Community, Clacton Road – 1 No. Blue Conifer – reduce by 50%, Yew Hedge – reduce by 30%, 1 No. Chilean Pine (Monkey Puzzle) – remove.

b) 21/0532/TPO – Acorn Village Community, Clacton Road – 1 No. Chilean Pine (Monkey Pine) – remove.

c) 21/00197/DETAIL – Land to the south of Long Road and to the west of Clacton Road – Reserved matters application with details of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale, pursuant to the residential element of outline permission (17/01181/OUT), including up to 485 dwellings, up to 2 hectares of employment land (A2/A3/B1/B2); D8; D1 uses), with associated public open space and infrastructure – To note the amended description.

d) 21/00453/FUL – Land at Mistley Place Park, New Road – Proposed development of land to provide Retirement Living accommodation comprising 42 apartments and 11 bungalows with associated amenity and landscaping improvements to Mistley Place Park, new access to New Road and associated works –
To note that this application will be considered at the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 11th May 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom.

e) 21/00408/LBC – 12 The Green – Proposed creation of two openings at side elevation to facilitate installation of 2 no. sliding sash windows.

f) 21/00563/FUL – 63 Harwich Road – Proposed conversion of adjoining garage into retail space (Use Class E (a) Formerly Use Class A1).

g) 21/00599/FUL – Wisteria House, Heath Road – Proposed single storey side and rear extension.

8. Planning Applications received from the LPA after Agenda distributed – To consider.

9. 21/00071/LBC & 21/00070/FUL – Swan Basin High Street – To note the response from the LPA. (Already received).

10. Public Inquiries, Appeals or Enforcement Matters – To receive and consider any details.

11. Tendring District Council – New Development – Land off New Road – Naming – To receive, consider and make observations. (Already received. Attached again and on website)

12. Date of Next Planning Committee Meeting – Thursday 3rd June 2021 – 7.30pm.

Susan Clements – Parish Clerk
Dated: 29th April 2021

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Meeting ID: 842 3369 1271
Passcode: 655630