Planning Committee Meeting Thursday 5th May 2022


Planning Committee Meeting Thursday 5th May 2022 – 7.30pm – Mistley Village Hall


Dear Parish Councillors (All Councillors are Members of the Planning Committee) – You are hereby summoned to attend a Meeting of the Mistley Parish Council’s Planning Committee to be held in Mistley Village Hall on Thursday 5th May 2022 at 7.30pm.

1. Welcome and Apologies for absence – To receive and agree.

2. Public Voice – Prior to commencement of the Council’s business, the opportunity will be given for Members of the Public to speak and to ask questions. This time is limited and is up to 3 minutes per person. Priority will be given to those who have given the Clerk prior notice of their intention to speak/ask questions.

3. Declarations of Interests – To receive.

4. Minutes of the Previous Planning Committee Meeting – To receive, consider and agree the Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on the 7th April 2022. (Minutes attached and on website).

5. Matters Arising/updates from Previous Minutes – To receive and note any updates.

6. To note Planning Decisions made by the (LPA – Local Planning Authority).

a. 22/00262/FULHH & 22/00263/LBC – Park Manse, 24 New Road – Proposed alterations and extension to house. Erection of garden building – To note that the LPA has approved these applications.

b. 22/00264/FULHH – Tangletrees, Trinity Road – Proposed erection of single storey rear extension with front pitched roof dormer. Removal of chimney stack and installation of 3 No. Velux roof-lights, with replacement cladding. Removal of side and front windows and reduce depth of side windows – To note that the LPA has approved this application.

c. 22/00410/NMA – Land South-West of Horsley Cross Roundabout, Clacton Road, Horsley Cross – Non-Material Amendment sought to application 19/01706/OUT to amend conditions 22, 24, 26 and 36 to facilitate the commercial viability of the site – To note that the LPA has approved this application.

d. 22/00240/LUPR – 116 Harwich Road – Proposed single storey side extension – To note that the LPA has approved this application.

e. 22/00507/TCA – Rill House, 54 New Road – – Front: 1 No. Hornbeam – re-reduce, 1 No. Sycamore – re-reduce, 1 No. Portugal Laurel – reduce 30%, 1 No. Norway Maple – reduce back to old cuts, 1 No. Bay Tree – reduce by 50% and shape, 1 No. Lime – re-reduce, 2 No. Conifers – top by 50% roughly to Yew height, 1 No. Sycamore – reduce by 30%. Back: 1 No. Trump Apple – thin 25%, 1 No. Holly – reduce by 30%, Lime covered in sucker growth re-reduce, 1 No. Lime – reduce to same height. Face off all trees back by 3-4m up to fence. Sucker growth off base of tree – To note that the LPA has approved this application.

7. To consider the following Planning Applications/Proposals received from the LPA (Local Planning Authority). All Councillors Please view plans online before the Meeting.

a. 22/00468/FUL – Kellys Farm, Clacton Road, Horsley Cross – Proposed Change of Use of agricultural buildings to B8 commercial storage – To consider.

b. 22/00672/COUNOT – Topsi House, High Street – Proposed conversion of existing office building into one single dwelling house including alterations to fenestration and addition of associated balcony – To note only.

c. 22/00588/FUL – Acorn Village Community, Clacton Road – Proposed erection of wellness room – To consider.

8. Planning Applications/Proposals Received after Agenda – To receive and consider.

9. Public Inquiries, Appeals or Enforcement Matters – To receive and consider any updates.

10. Date of Next Planning Committee Meeting – Thursday 9th June 2022 – 7.30pm – Mistley Village Hall. (Main large Hall).