Planning Committee Meeting 5th December 2019

Planning Committee Meeting – Thursday 5th December 2019 – 7.30pm – Village Hall, Mistley


You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the Mistley Parish Council’s Planning Committee to be held at the Village Hall, Mistley on Thursday 5th December 2019 at 7.30pm.

1. Public Voice – Prior to commencement of the Council’s business, the opportunity will be given for Members of the Public to speak and to ask questions. This time is limited. Priority will be given to those who have given the Clerk prior notice of their intention to speak/ask questions.

2. Welcome and Apologies for absence – To receive.

3. Declarations of Interest – To receive.

4. Minutes of the Previous Planning Committee Meeting – To receive, consider and agree the Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on the 7th November 2019. (Minutes attached).

5. Matters Arising/updates from Previous Minutes – To receive.

6. To note Planning Decisions/Appeals by the (LPA – Local Planning Authority)
a) 19/01403/FUL – 109 Harwich Road – Single storey and first floor rear extensions with alterations including enclosing porch – To note that the LPA has approved this application.
b) 19/00336/OUT – (Tendring Farms Ltd) – Variation of condition 4 of application 17/01537/OUT to change the description of the condition to “The reserved matters shall be in general conforming with the following indicative drawings; Building heights Plan – Drawing No: 001A, Illustrative Masterplan Drawing No; 003A” – To note that the LPA has refused this application.

7. To consider the following Planning Applications/Proposals received from the LPA (Local Planning Authority
a) 19/01659/DETAIL – Land adjacent Fairview, Heath Road – Erection of one detached dwelling (Submission of Reserved Matters following grant of planning permission on appeal under reference 17/01124/OUT.
b) 19/01746/TPO – Crisp Malting Group Limited, Mistley Maltings, School Lane – T9 – Common Alder, remove overhanging lower limbs.
c) 19/01747/TCA – Crisp Malting Group Limited, Mistley Maltings, School Lane – T1 – Common Ash, Fell T2 – Silver Maple, remove deadwood and reduce to 5m. T3 – Common Ash, Fell Grp2 – Silver Birch and Maple, remove overhanging limbs. T6 – Common Ash, remove overhanging limbs.
d) 19/01761/TCA – Appletree House, Barmnfield, Manningtree – 1 No Willow Tree – Fell.
e) 19/01774/TCA – Portishead House, The Walls – T1 – Lombardy Poplar – fell. T2 and T3 – Willow – Re-coppice. T4 – Sycamore – Fell.
f) 19/01470/FUL – The Old School House, Clacton Road, Horsley Cross – Proposed two storey and single storey side extensions, single storey rear extension and detached garage.
g) 19/01706/OUT – Land South West of Horsley Cross Roundabout, Clacton Road, Horsley Cross – Outline planning application for employment development, comprising Phase 1 for 15,350 sqm of B2 development rising to a maximum building height of 21.7m and building height of 12m, together with associated access, landscaping, parking and drainage pond.
h) 19/01519/LBC – Mistley Station, High Street – Proposed renewal of the electrical and lighting installation.

8. To consider any other Planning Applications received after the agenda issued.

9. Public Inquiries, Appeals or Enforcement Matters – To receive and consider any details.

10. Tendring District Council/LPA– To discuss and consider the issues encountered.

11. Tendring Heritage Strategy Consultation – To consider and agree the response. (Deadline 3rd January 2020).

12. Date of Next Planning Committee Meeting – Thursday 9th January 2020 – 7.30pm – Village Hall, Mistley.