Planning Applications

“Mistley Parish Council is statutorily consulted by the Local Planning Authority, i.e. Tendring District Council on all planning and development matters in Mistley. However, Tendring District Council makes the final decision on planning proposals unless these go to appeal. From time to time but more rarely County Deemed applications are also considered and these are in relation to Essex County Council proposals.
If you are commenting or making observations to the District Council about any planning application/s, then please copy the details to the Parish Council. The Parish Council has a Planning Committee and meets every 3 weeks in order to fit in with the timescales of the District Council. The Parish Council then makes its recommendations to the District Council after these Meetings for refusal or approval of any planning proposals in the Village. Please feel free to attend any of these Meetings which are open to the public and there is the opportunity to address the Parish Council’s Planning Committee for a short period”.

Mistley Parish Council – statement regarding planning application 18/00767/OUT, 21 November 2019

Mistley Parish Council is pleased and relieved to note the recent refusal of planning application number 18/00767/OUT for the proposed erection of up to 72 dwellings on land to the north of Stour View Close, Mistley, on the grounds of an insufficient Section 106 payment for the benefit of Mistley and its residents.

In cases of significant proposed development it is vital to Mistley that an appropriate S106 contribution is made, in order to provide amenities and improvements to the village.

While Tendring District Council is the LPA which makes final planning decisions, Mistley Parish Council is consulted during the process and can legally make comments on any planning or development matter in Mistley. To that end it is imperative that Mistley Parish Council is given sufficient time and opportunity to review and opine on each planning application made to Tendring District Council, where there is a direct or indirect impact on Mistley, regardless of the status of any such applications.

The Parish Council is committed to serving Mistley and always puts the interests of the parish and its residents foremost in its deliberations. It would like to take this opportunity to emphasise that it reviews each planning application it receives on the grounds of individual merit, reviewing several factors including the provision of an appropriate S106 contribution to the village.