Mistley Parish Council Statement Regarding Mistley Place Park, New Road

Mistley Parish Council Statement Regarding Mistley Place Park, New Road


The Parish Council understands the owners of Mistley Place Park are in discussion with McCarthy and Stone developers in connection with the future of the Mistley Place Park site. The owners plan to retire and are in dialogue with the developers who are prominent national developers of retirement properties. It is understood that the discussions with the owners and developers relate to the area at the far end of the site, which would not impede any views on the landscape.

There have also been preliminary discussions about the owners of Mistley Place Park possibly gifting some of the land to Mistley Parish Council, as a community asset for the benefit of local residents.

It should be noted that Tendring District Council is the Local Planning Authority. Mistley Parish Council make recommendations on any planning and development matter to Tendring, but the final decision on any planning application is with the District Council. No applications or proposals have been received by Tendring.

Should any firm offer be made to the Parish Council then the Council would hold an Extraordinary Public Parish Council Meeting and invite local residents to attend and voice their views. The sole purpose of Mistley Parish Council is to represent its electorate, i.e. local residents of Mistley and to provide and enhance the services and facilities for the community.

Any further queries please contact Susan Clements, Parish Clerk/Proper Officer on 01473 827791.


Parish Councillor Charlotte Howell – Chairman of the Council

Parish Councillor Jenny Chaplin – Vice Chairman of the Council

3rd June 2019

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