Minutes Planning Committee Meeting 18th April 2019


Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting

held on Thursday 18th April 2019 in the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 7.30pm


Present: Councillors: Birch, Burton, Carter, Chaplin, Howell (from Minute No.7), Fairhall, Peacock and Rayner (Chairman of Committee)

In Attendance:

Mrs Susan Clements – Parish Clerk

No members of the Press or Public were present.

  1. Public Voice – There were no Members of the Public present.
  1. Welcome and Apologies for absence – An apology for absence was received from Councillor Kent.
  1. Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.
  1. Minutes of the Previous Planning Committee Meeting – The Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on 21st March 2019 were received, considered and agreed following the vote. (Signed copy in Minute Book).
  1. Matters Arising/Updates from Previous Minutes – There were no matters arising or updates.
  1. The Committee noted Planning Decisions as follows:


  1. a) 19/00158/FUL – Home Farm, 119 Harwich Road – Proposed swimming pool building and roof to connect to 2 exiting outbuildings – The LPA has Approved this application.
  2. b) 19/00159/FUL – Home Farm, 119 Harwich Road – Additional roof to link two outbuildings together – The LPA has Approved this application.
  3. c) 19/00160/FUL – Home Farm, 119 Harwich Road – Proposed ground solar array – The LPA has Approved this application.
  4. d) 18/01767/OUT – Land East of New Road – Variation of Condition 4 – approved plans 0964-FO1 rev D and 1628 URB XXXXGA 3 1760 89, to provide a re-worked layout to provide a wider roads to improve emergency access and to incorporate a mix of housing types, including detached dwellings, semi-detached properties and apartments – The LPA has Refused this application.
  5. e) 19/00209/FUL – Kersey, 11 Long Road – Proposed rear single storey extension with minor internal modelling – The LPA has Approved this application.
  6. f) 19/00437/TCA – 2 Millers Reach – Large Laurel Bush and Sycamore tree stump – Remove – The LPA has delegated this decision to its Tree Officer.


  1. Planning Applications/Proposals received from the LPA (Local Planning Authority):
  1. 19/00344/FUL – Port View, 21 New Road – Proposed single storey rear extension and decking area – Following the unanimous vote, the Committee recommended 

Councillor Howell arrives at this point in the Meeting.

  1. b) 19/00472/TCA – Saralie, Mill Hill – 1 No. Hawthorn – fell, 1 No Cherry – fell, 1 No Cordyline – fell, 1 No. Eucalyptus – fell, 1 No Holly – fell, 1 No Unknown shrub – fell – Following the vote, the Committee recommended that this is referred to the LPA’s Tree Officer for a delegated decision.
  2. c) 19/00206/FUL – Dickley Hall, Dickley Hall Chase – Proposed pet crematorium – amendment to planning permission 18/01278/FUL – Following the vote, the Committee recommended
  3. d) 19/00493/FUL – 5 Long Road – Proposed single storey glass roof conservatory to rear of property – Following the vote, the Committee recommended
  1. To consider any other Planning Applications received after the agenda was issued.
  1. 19/00594/TCA – Coniston, Mill Hill – 1 No. Ash – Remove overhanging branches – Following the vote, the Committee recommended that this is referred to the LPA’s Tree Officer for a delegated decision.
  2. 19/00539/DETAIL Land to the South of Long Road and to the west of Clacton Road – Reserved matters application pursuant to outline planning permission 17/01537/OUT for the creation of phase 2 – 204 dwellings and four commercial buildings, plus associated roads, driveways, parking, footpaths, landscaping and ancillary works – Following the vote, the Committee consider this should be Refused based on the following planning and material considerations: the height of the dwellings, its scale and design will distract from the character of the Village of Mistley, the scheme is contrary to Policy QL9 and the Design of the new development which does not make a positive contribution to the local environment and does not protect or enhance the local character, there is an adverse impact on the landscape, the current Local Development Plan makes reference to safeguarding the open character of the important breaks between the settlements and between separate neighbourhoods. It also makes reference to preserving the attractive views and individual character of this settlement – both of these will not be met for this proposal, Policy QL2 Public Transport (the details in the Design Statement are incorrect regarding the bus routes to Colchester, Clacton and Harwich), the proposal is contractor to TR1a in relation to Public Transport. Policy QL10 makes reference to designing a new development to meet the functional needs of the highway network, i.e. access points to the highway and sustainable transport – this is not the case for this development. Sustainable and Affordable Housing Policy QL1 and PPS3 will not be met. Parking provision does not appear to be met and the footpath provision is insufficient.
  1. Date of Next Planning Committee Meeting – To be confirmed.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40pm.


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