Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting – Thursday 6th February 2020

Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting – Thursday 6th February 2020 in the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 7.30pm

Councillor B Burton
Councillor J Chaplin (Chairman of the Committee)
Councillor R Frost
Councillor P Nutter

In Attendance:
Mrs S Clements – Parish Clerk
No Members of the Public were present

1. Public Voice – No Members of the Public were present.

2. Welcome and Apologies for Absence – Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Cambridge (Vice Chairman of the Committee), Carter, Howell, Kent (maternity/family leave) Nutter and Peacock.

3. Declarations of Interest – There were none.

4. Minutes of the Previous Planning Committee Meeting – The Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on 9th January 2020 were received, considered and agreed following the vote. (Signed copy in Minute Book).

5. Matters Arising/Updates from Previous Minutes – There were no updates.

6. The Committee noted Planning Decisions as follows:

a) 19/00539/DETAIL – Tendring Farms – Land to south of Long Road and to West of Clacton Road – Reserved matters application pursuant to outline planning permission 17/01537/OUT for the creation of phase 2 – 204 dwellings and four commercial buildings, plus parking, footpaths, landscaping and ancillary works – To note that this has been approved.

b) 19/01777/FUL – 2 Jubilee Cottage, Clacton Road – Proposed extension to existing garage – The Committee noted that this has been approved.

c) 19/01942/TCA – Mistley Marine, Anchor Lane – Fell two trees, G5, 3 Common Holly – The Committee noted that this has been approved.

d) 19/01943/TPO – Mistley Marine, Anchor Lane – T17 and T18 – Crown reduce north eastern aspect and linear root prune. W2, Sycamore, Silver Birch, Blackthorn, Oak and Hawthorn – The Committee noted that this has been approved.

7. Planning Applications/Proposals received from the LPA (Local Planning Authority):

a) 19/01934/FUL – 37 Remercie Road – Proposed Conversion of garage into habitable accommodation – Following the vote, the Committee recommended approval. It noted that there will be sufficient parking provision at this dwelling after the proposal and that the applicant has allowed for this within the application.

b) 19/01899/LUPROP – Land South West of Horlsey Cross Roundabout, Clacton Road, Horsley Cross – This certificate seeks to confirm that the outline planning permission granted on 4th August 2014 granted under reference 13/00745/OUT permitting the following development will be lawfully implemented by construction of the base to a telecommunications mast in accordance with the approved drawings 66-2014-01P; 66-2014-02P and 66-2014-03P: Development of site to provide a new industrial park with up to 28,280 m2 of floor space for B2 and B8 uses, a bus depot and 30m high telecommunications mast. All with associated access, landscaping, parking and highway improvements – The Committee noted this large employment site. Following the vote, approval was recommended, where the Committee would encourage more employment in the area.

c) 19/01956/OUT – Land to the East of New Road – Variation of Condition 4 (Approved Plans) to amend to approved layout of application 17/00004/OUT (Approved on Appeal APP/P1560/W/17/3176089) – The Committee recommends refusal on the following grounds: concerns raised under previous applications pertaining to the distance between the flats and the highway have still not been addressed. The Committee notes that there is still not a mix of affordable units/dwellings and that 56-61 and 62-67 (Block A and Block B) are next to each other. The Blocks should be peppered. It also considered that in line with national and local planning policy that all of the affordable dwellings should be spread throughout the development and not just sited in one area together. The Committee considers that this application should be considered by the LPA’s Planning Committee and that a decision should not be made under the scheme of delegation and not via an Officer.

d) 20/00101/TCA – Swan House, High Street – 1 No. Holm Oak – Reduce by 2-3m overall – Following the vote, the Committee recommended that a decision is made by the LPA’s Tree Officer and under its scheme of delegation.

8. Planning Applications received from the LPA after Agenda distributed – None.

9. Public Inquiries, Appeals or Enforcement Matters – Second Planning Appeal – APP/P1560/W/19/3238064 – Land South of Harwich Road – 28th January 2020 – Councillor Chaplin provided an update to the Committee, where she had attended the Appeal with Councillor Cambridge. District Councillor Coley also attended and various Members of the Public. Councillor Cambridge presented the Parish Council’s views and observations. Councillor Chaplin raised her grave concerns about the harm to the character and appearance of this area and that the Village of Mistley is being urbanised by the vast amount of development without the infrastructure to support this and the loss of green open spaces which were once a key part of Mistley. It was noted that the Inspector will carry out site visits in due course.

10. Essex Coast Recreational disturbance Avoidance and Mitigation Strategy Supplementary – The Committee received and noted this planning document where the deadline for responses is 5pm 21st February 2020.

11. Objection Copy Letter – Local Resident – The Committee noted the details received relating to 19/01956/OUT – Land East of New Road.

12. Date of Next Planning Committee Meeting – Thursday 5th March 2020 – 7.30pm – Village Hall, Mistley.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.30pm.