Minutes of the full Parish Council Meeting held on 16th November 2020


Minutes of the full Parish Council Meeting held on 16th November 2020 at 7.30pm via the Zoom Platform

Councillors Present:

Councillor J Cambridge
Councillor G Carter
Councillor J Chaplin (Vice Chairman)
Councillor S Coiley
Councillor C Howell (Chairman of Council)
Councillor F Kent
Councillor P Nutter
Councillor I Peacock (from Minute Number 3)

In Attendance:
Mrs S Clements – Clerk
District Councillor Coley
1 Member of the Public and 4 representatives on behalf of Hopkin’s Homes

1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence – Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Burton (unwell) and Frost (unwell). These apologies were accepted by the Council. Councillor Smith was not present and did not send an apology for absence. District and County Councillor Guglielmi and District Councillor V Guglielmi gave their respective apologies for absence as they are attending Lawford Parish Council’s Meeting. The Chairman advised attendees that the Meeting will be recorded.

2. Declarations of Interest and Register of Interests – There were no declarations of interest at this point in the Meeting.

3. Public Voice – Representatives from Hopkin’s Homes spoke about the planning application and the reserved matters. The application submitted relates to 100 dwellings of which 30% are affordable. The presentation included some basic information about the outline consent for the reserved matters including the access. It was noted that outline application is supported by a Section 106 developer agreement with the Local Planning Authority – Tendring District Council and sets out various obligations. It was also noted that the layout of the proposed dwellings has been amended. The Parish Council advised that more details relating to the reserved matters would be welcome by its Planning Committee. Hopkin’s Homes agents agreed to give another short presentation at the Parish Council’s next Planning Committee Meeting on the 3rd December 2020 with more detail about the Section 106 developer agreement.

Councillor Peacock joined the Meeting at this point.
District Councillor Coley joined the Meeting at this point.
The 4 representatives from Hopkin’s Homes left the Meeting at this point.

4. District and County Councillors Reports – The District Councillors written report was received and noted. The report contained details relating to COVID-19 updates including Funding, Free Devices to Residents (smartphones and tablets to stay connected to COVID-19),

Planning Applications in Mistley, the Parish Council’s Asset of Community Value application for the Anchor Public House which lasts for 5 years, the Milestone and Mile Marker project and financial contributions from District Councillors budgets, Mistley Kid’s Club, Lunchtime Meals – half term and the assistance from the Red Lion Public House, Mistley Norman Primary School and the new Headteacher appointment, Cycling Facilities as part of the Section 106 Developer Agreement with the District Council and Hopkins Homes for Mistley Norman Primary School,

Lawford matters, the Recycling Bin (books and DVD’s) in the Village Hall car park which will be removed shortly and the District Council’s Reception reopening on limited days and times.

District Councillor Coley responded to questions and agreed that he will look into whether the public can assist with the donation of laptops. District Councillor Coley advised that there are no new updates from Essex County Council Highways regarding the High Street path and when it will open again. District Councillor Coley advised that this matter is being pursued by structural engineers. He responded regarding the Section 106 Agreement and the latest Hopkins Home’s development where there are no gifted affordable dwellings. The reason being that the District Council needs to comply with national government figures relating to affordable housing figures and gifted dwellings do not count as part of these statistics and targets.

The County Councillor written report was received and noted. The report included details about Assistance to Support Families through the Winter and School Holidays with funding, the Holiday Camp Scheme, Foodbanks – £14,000, Supporting Vulnerable Children, Families and Residents, the Government Winter Support Package, Crisis Help, Mental Health and Emotional Support, Grassroots Clubs and Activities for Children and Young People, Vital Support Agencies, including the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, the New Developers Guide to Infrastructure Contributions, the County Council’s Plans for Key Services during Lockdown, County Council Parks remaining open, Essex Recycling Centres remaining open, Public Transport continuing, Essex Registration Service and the Blue Badge Assessments continuing, Essex Libraries closed in terms of book borrowing, the Records Office being closed, COVID-19 data for Essex and the Children In Care Project.

5. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 19th October 2020 – These Minutes were received, considered, and approved following the vote. (Proposed by Councillor Coiley and seconded by Councillor Cambridge). (Copy in Minute Book).

6. Update/Matters Arising from Previous Minutes held on the 19th October 2020 – There were no new updates or matters arising.

7. Councillors Report on External and Working Party Meetings – Verbal updates were received as follows:

a) Allotment Working Group – Hopkins Homes (Section 106 Developer Agreement with Tendring District Council) – (Councillors Burton, Cambridge, Chaplin and Coiley) – The Council noted that Councillors Cambridge and Coiley will meet with the developer on the 20th November 2020 to discuss the site and potential plot sizes. MALGA (Mistley Allotments and Gardeners Association) will be consulted as appropriate.

b) Asset of Community Value (ACV) Working Group – (Councillors Cambridge, Coiley and Frost) – The Council noted the position regarding the ACV timeline and trigger points. Councillor Coiley advised that after Lockdown and when it is allowed, he will investigate the position regarding an ACV and a similar project.

c) Signage Working Group – (Councillors Burton, Cambridge, Chaplin and Coiley) – The Council noted that there are no new updates.

d) Woodland Trust Trees Working Group – (Councillors Burton, Coiley, Howell and Nutter) – The Council noted receipt of the 105 small saplings. It was agreed that the working group will meet (socially distanced) to assess various sites in two groups of two. The meeting is on Saturday 21st November 2020 at 9am outside of the Village Hall.

e) Children’s Landmark Drawing Competition – Councillor Howell advised that she had met with the Secretary of the School and she reported on the community competition and the prize giving. Thanks have been received by the School and some Parents. The pictures will be laminated and displayed around the Village. Details are on the Council’s website.

8. Clerk and RFO (Responsible Financial Officer) and Finance Matters

Councillor Chaplin (Vice Chairman) took the Chair for the next item as Councillor Howell (Chairman) has an expenses item.

a) Schedule of Accounts for (November 2020) – The schedule was received, considered, and agreed following the vote for payments in the sum of £4430.21. (Proposed by Councillor Carter and seconded by Councillor Kent). (Copy in Minute Book).
Councillor Howell returned to Chair the Meeting.

b) Half Yearly Internal Audit Check– The Council noted receipt of the Internal Auditor report. The Clerk and Internal Auditor were thanked for this work.

c) Land South of Harwich Road – Section 106 Developer Agreement – The Council noted receipt of the £15,015 and £1,500 for the Village Hall Car Park rental payment.

Following the vote, (proposed by Councillor Coiley and seconded by Councillor Carter), it was agreed that the HM Land Registry Transfer document (TP1) cannot be signed as the land is not currently in a fit for purpose condition in accordance with the Section 106 Agreement. The land was seeded but not watered and there is a hole in the far corner.

d) Bank Reconciliation – October 2020 – This was received and agreed following the vote. (Proposed by Councillor Cambridge and seconded by Councillor Carter).

e) COVID-19 Matters – The Council is aware of all the restrictions in the second Lockdown, including its play areas and public toilet which will remain open. It was noted that the Village Hall has had to close the Hall to all hirers apart from the Kid’s Club.

f) Welcome Home Field Play Area (Parish Council is sole trustee) – The Council is still awaiting the quotation for a new see-saw. This matter will be deferred until the next Meeting when hopefully the price will be received.

g) Zoom – Recording of Meetings – Following the vote, (proposed by Councillor Cambridge and seconded by Councillor Carter), it was agreed that Meeting recordings can be deleted once the Minutes have been approved and after a period of 6 months.

h) Urgent Finance Matters – There were no matters.

9. Correspondence – Councillors considered the following:

a) Policing – The Council received and noted the latest report for the area. For Mistley it included 1 theft from a motor vehicle at Central Maltings – a catalytic convertor, 1 scrap copper left from Anchor Lane and 1 possession of cannabis (class B drug) with intent to supply at Shrubland Road. The community bus which was parked in Lawford was damaged and a local tradesperson had tools stolen from a vehicle which meant that he could not work. The Council was disappointed to note this spate of crime in the Village and surrounding area.

b) The Milestone – The Council received and considered the latest correspondence asking for financial assistance towards this project, (with other partners), (in addition to the Parish Council eventually adopting the asset, insuring and maintaining it). The funding assistance via the District Councillors was noted. Following the vote, it was agreed to pay the Parish/Town Council reduced rate listed building consent planning application of £231 and the Milestone project members will process this application. (Proposed by Councillor Howell and seconded by Councillor Nutter).

c) Lamp Light Christmas Carolling and Rock the Manger –The Council noted the correspondence and agreed to ratify this. The restrictions relating to COVID-19 and the amendments to some of the arrangements because of this were noted.

d) Dedham Vale (AONB) – (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) – The Walls – The Council received and considered the correspondence about the 5-year project. It was agreed following the vote, to respond back to Dedham Vale (AONB) and County Councillor Guglielmi to advise that the Council has no objection to this project along The Walls.

e) Correspondence Received after Agenda:

• McCarthy and Stone – Mistley Place Park – Councillor Howell reported on an email received this evening at 5.10pm (16th November 2020) from the developer advising that following its previous pre-consultation with the public, some improvements on designs have been prepared together with the proposal for additional bungalows. The developers will engage again with the public, but this will be virtually. McCarthy and Stone appreciate that the Parish Council wish to represent its electorate, including about the possible transfer of land to the Village.

Following the vote, the Council agreed to the developer’s request to meet. This was proposed by Councillor Nutter and seconded by Councillor Carter.

The Member of the Public left the Meeting at this point.

10. Festive Scene – Residents Decorating Windows – Councillor Kent explained her proposal. Following the vote, this was agreed, (proposed by Councillor Kent and seconded by Councillor Coiley). Councillor Kent will lead with this community initiative.

11. Furze Hill Wood – Thinning Programme – Councillor Nutter the Volunteer Tree Warden advised that after consulting with the contractor it was felt that in the interests of health and safety this area is currently too busy for the work. The Council agreed to defer the programme until after Lockdown.

12. Planning Committee Matter – 20/00648/FUL – Crown Building, Former Secret Bunker, Shrubland Road – Revisions – Variation of conditions 2, 4, 5 and 6 of application 12/00109/FUL (approved on appeal APP/P1560/A/13/2197833) – recommendations to the LPA (Local Planning Authority) in accordance with the agreed new timescales – 17th November 2020. The Council noted the external changes to one of the flats where the changes are not too different to the original application. The loss of the curved garage doors was also noted.

13. Dates of Next Meetings

• Parish Council Meeting (Budget 2021/2022 and Precept) – Monday 21st December 2020 at 7.30pm – via the Zoom platform – The Council noted this Meeting.

• Planning Committee – Thursday 3rd December 2020 at 7.30pm – via the Zoom platform – The Council noted this Meeting.

• Finance Committee – (Budget 2021/2022 and Precept preparations Meeting – Wednesday 18th November 2020 at 7pm – via the Zoom platform – The Council noted this Meeting.

There being no further business, the Meeting closed at 9.02pm