Minutes of the full Parish Council Meeting – 20th January 2020

Minutes of the full Parish Council Meeting held on 20th January 2020 in the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 7.30pm

Councillors Present:
Councillor C Howell (Chairman of the Council)
Councillor J Chaplin (Vice Chairman)
Councillor B Burton
Councillor J Cambridge
Councillor G Carter

In Attendance:
Mrs S Clements – Parish Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer
Mr S Bland – Housing Manager – English Rural Housing Association
District Councillor A Coley
Five Members of the Public were present (including three for co-option – casual Councillors vacancies)

1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence – The Chairman welcomed everybody to the Meeting. Apologies for absence were received from Parish Councillors Frost, (unwell) Kent, (family/maternity leave) Peacock (unwell) and Nutter (on holiday).

2. Declarations of Interest – The following interests were made:

Name of Councillor
Details of Interest Minute Number
Councillor Carter Non-pecuniary interest 12. g) A&J Lighting (California Road/Shrubland Road

Councillor Carter Non-pecuniary interest 15. Mistley Rugby Club

Councillor Chaplin Non-pecuniary interest 12. a) Mistley Swans

Councillor Howell Non-pecuniary interest 12. g) A&J Lighting (California Road/Shrubland Road

3. Public Voice – One Member of the Public asked the Council if he could be permitted to speak outside of the public voice and under agenda item numbered 13. C). The Council agreed to this. Councillor Carter raised her concerns about parking in Shrubland Road, especially when new residents move into this area. The Chairman and the Clerk advised Councillor Carter that the road is a private road with mixed ownership which is not adopted by Essex County Council.

4. District and County Councillors Reports – The written District Councillors Report was received and noted. The Report contained details/updates on Planning Applications – including the application by Tendring Farms Ltd for a new GP Surgery in Mistley and the application for a Coffee Kiosk at Manningtree Railway Station will be determined by the District Council’s Planning Committee. It was also noted that the District Council has received a Silver Award for supporting Armed Services Personnel, its outline Budget Plans for 2020-21 are being considered, the Annual Tendring District Fear and Crime Survey, Increases in Recycling, Support for Garden Communities in conjunction with the Local Plan and in partnership with other authorities, and for the Pride of Tendring Awards – the Parish Council was delighted to see that four Mistley residents have been awarded including our Volunteer Tree Warden.

District Councillor Coley responded to a question relating to 19/01956/OUT – Land to the East of New Road, Mistley and the variation of a condition and also the McCarthy and Stone letters which were sent to local residents regarding the Mistley Place Park site.

The written County Councillor Report was received and noted. The Report contained details on Flooded Roads in Essex, the Army and Navy Flyover history, Switching off duplicate Street Lights to save energy, Primary School Places, Volunteering in Essex, the Livewell Campaign, and Fostering Children and Young People in Essex.

5. English Rural Housing Association – The Council received a short presentation from Mr S Bland, the Housing Manager from English Rural Housing Association. Councillors noted that some new affordable housing will be available at Stourview Close/Avenue from mid-June 2020, where work is on schedule. There are eight mixed dwellings which will be for local people, where seven properties will be for affordable rent, with one dwelling being sold. The application process will commence during mid-February 2020. The Housing Association will liaise with the Parish Council to seek further verification (if known) about the applicants and their respective local connections. The full process and timeframes were highlighted and noted by Councillors.
Mr Bland from English Rural Housing Association’ left the Meeting at this point.

6. Policing Update – The Council received and noted the report and update for Mistley from the 22nd November 2019 to the 3rd January 2020 which included thefts from motor vehicles in Shrubland Road, Trinity Farm Court, Trinity Road and Free Rodwell House, School Lane, and a burglary from Mistley Maltings, School Lane. The crimes and reports for Lawford and Manningtree were also noted.

7. Minutes of the last full Parish Council Meeting held on the 16th December 2019 – These Minutes were received, considered and approved following the vote. (Copy in Minute Book).

8. Update/Matters Arising from Previous Minutes held on the 16th December 2019 – There were no updates.

9. Furze Woodland Management Phased Plan – The Section 137 Grant of £250.00 to Mistley Rugby Club towards the cost of work extensive work and equipment usuage at Furze Wood was agreed following the vote. (Proposed by Councillor Cambridge and seconded by Councillor Burton) and included within 12 a) the schedule of accounts for payment.

10. The Milestone – The Council received and noted the correspondence received from the Manningtree Museum and Local History Group and the temporary arrangement for the Museum to store the Milestone. However, it was noted that since this correspondence that Rose Builders and Contractors have kindly now agreed to store the monument.

11. Councillors to Report on External Meetings Attended

a) Emergency Planning – Councillor Cambridge provided an update following the Meeting held on the 18th December 2019. Councillors noted that the final draft of the Emergency Plan has been forwarded to the District Council for its approval.

b) VE Celebrations – May 2020 – Councillor Chaplin provided a further update. Councillors noted that there are 75 children from Mistley Norman Primary School involved in the celebrations, that there will be a street party with stalls, fancy dress, cake competition, war songs, the local branch of the Royal British Legion (RBL) will be assisting, Manningtree High Street will be closed, there will be space for wheelchairs, one of the 2nd World War local Mistley resident’s will be attending and Councillor Chaplin appealed for any other similar veterans. An engraved medal will be given to local children where the cost of around £60 will be shared between Mistley Parish Council and Manningtree Town Council. It was noted that the tables and chairs are to be borrowed from Mistley Village Hall Management Committee and these will need to be collected and returned to the Hall, that EDME has kindly agreed to donate 200 muffins and that there will be a Service at the War Memorial on the Sunday. The next VE Celebrations working party Meeting is the 4th February 2020.

c) Site Meeting – Shrubland Road – Councillors Cambridge and Chaplin reported on their site meeting with the developers in this area and were delighted to report that the developers have carried out some remedial repairs of the larger pot holes in this area. The Parish Council will write to formerly thank them for this work.

12. Clerk and RFO (Responsible Financial Officer) Matters

a) Schedule of Accounts for Payment – The schedule of accounts was received and considered. It was proposed by Councillor Cambridge seconded by Councillor Burton and agreed following the vote, that the accounts in the sum of £2,394.58 be paid. (Copy in Minute Book).

b) Grounds Maintenance Sealed Tenders – Councillor Cambridge provided an update following site meetings, the Finance Committee Meeting on the 6th December 2019 and the Parish Council Meeting on the 16th December 2019. Following the vote, (proposed by Councillor Cambridge and seconded by Councillor Carter), it was agreed that Marvan’s be appointed for the Cemetery and Churchyard as the grounds maintenance contractors for 3 years, with a review each year. Following the vote, (proposed by Councillor Cambridge, seconded by Councillor Burton), it was agreed that Mortimer Contracts Ltd. be appointed for the Mistley and Other Areas grounds maintenance contractors for 3 years, with a review each year.

c) 2nd & 3rd Quarter Finance Reports & Bank Reconciliations – These Reports were received, considered and agreed by the Council following the vote, where Councillors noted that the Internal Auditor had agreed and “signed off” these Finance Reports.

d) Annual Appointment of RFO – Following the normal annual RFO review and after the vote, (proposed by Councillor Howell and seconded by Councillor Burton), it was agreed that the Clerk will continue in this role.

e) Annual Appointment of Internal Auditor – Following the vote, it was agreed (proposed by Councillor Cambridge and seconded by Councillor Carter), during this normal annual review that Miss V Pretty will continue in this role where the annual fee is £200 p.a. The Clerk advised that other quotations for this service are around £295.00 p.a.

f) Financial Risk Management – The Council received and considered the effectiveness of internal controls and audit risk management. The Chairman and the Clerk took the Council through each area including scope of internal audit, independence, competence and reporting. The details were agreed following the vote and signed by the Chairman and the Clerk/RFO.

g) A&J Lighting – Quotation – California Road/Shrubland Road – The Council received and considered the price of £458 for the option of an anti-vandal steel guard with new street lantern. Following the vote, it was agreed to ask the contractor if the guard could be affixed to the newly replaced lantern where the cost would be £145.00. The Clerk will pursue this matter.
h) Finance Matters – There were no other matters.

13. Correspondence –

a) Corbeau Seats Rally Tendring and Clacton – The Council received and noted the details of the Car Rally on the 25th and 26th April 2019. Councillors asked if participants could be respectful before and after the event when driving through Mistley Village.

b) Essex County Council – Fostering in Essex – New Foster Carers Needed – The Council received and noted the details.

c) Cemetery Committee – The correspondence received from the ex-officio Chairman/Local Resident was received and considered. The Chairman – Councillor Howell outlined the background to this Committee. The Council allowed this member of the public to speak at this stage in the Meeting. He raised his concerns about the Parish Council disbanding the Committee. The Chairman and the Clerk apologised for not consulting him, Manningtree Town Council and the Cemetery Manager prior to this resolution by the Parish Council, but explained that Cemetery Fees needed to be reviewed in conjunction with the deadline for the budget/precept for 2020/2021. The member of the public queried the budget cost areas of the Cemetery and the Closed Churchyard and the accounts. The Clerk agreed outside of Meetings to meet with the member of the public and show him the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) for the year ended the 31st March 2019, including the Internal Auditor Certificate and all associated documents, invoices and vouchers at a mutually agreeable appointment, where all of the foregoing are public documents.

d) Bridleway – Green Lane – The Council considered the request received from a local resident regarding reinstating the bridleway at Green Lane – this being the section of Green Lane from the junction of Church Lane to Clacton Road. The Clerk agreed to look into the legalities relating to reinstating a bridleway and report back.

e) Essex & Herts. Air Ambulance – The Council received and noted the letter of thanks for the S137 Grant.

f) Tendring District Council (Housing) – Draft Housing Strategy – The Council received and noted the details, where this consultation ends on the 31st January 2020.

g) Bowls Club – The Council considered and agreed the invitation for a community Bowls Match between the Club and Parish Council.
It noted that the Bowls Club is engaging more fully with the local community in order to increase its membership. It was agreed that a mutually agreeable date for the community Match will be set after the 25th April 2020.

h) Public Seat at The Walls – The Council received and considered the request received from a local resident regarding maintenance of a specific seat. Following the vote, it was agreed to ask Councillor Nutter and his small volunteer team to look at this seat and the other seats along The Walls.

i) Openreach – The Council received and considered the request received regarding Mistley Heath and Openreach’s request to erect a new green cabinet for superfast broadband to part of the community and businesses. The Clerk advised that she had brought the request to the attention of the District and County Councils, (Conservation Area and Highways). Councillors considered that a more discreet location would be desirable – perhaps behind the bus shelter.

j) Other Correspondence – The Council received, noted and considered the following items received after distribution of the agenda:
• Citizens Advice Tendring – Specialist Debt Adviser in Clacton – opening times and locations The Council received and noted the details.
• Coffee with Cops in your Village – The Council considered holding sessions with PCSO Pat Smith between 10am – 8pm Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays – The Council received and noted the details. Following the vote, it was agreed to establish if Lawford Parish Council and Manningtree Town Council would like to join and if so, if would this be acceptable to PCSO Pat Smith.
• Rotary Club with Manningtree Stour Valley Mayflower Walk/Trail Run – Sunday 17th May 2020 – The Council received the correspondence. Following the vote, it was agreed that Furze Hills could be used for the finish of this event.
• A & J Lighting Solutions – Price Increase for Sox Lamps – The Council received and noted the prices for these lamps with effect from the 1st March 2020.
• McCarthy and Stone – The Council received and noted the correspondence and the public exhibition to be held on Tuesday 28th January from 3pm – 7pm at the Mistley Place Tearooms, New Road, Mistley.
• Village Hall – The Council received and noted the correspondence received from one of the Trustees. It was noted that only two quotations had previously been received for a soakaway. Further prices were awaited.

14. Co-option of Parish Councillor Applications – Councillors received and considered the three’ resumes’. The three applicants made brief presentations to the Council.

15. Mistley Rugby Club – The Council noted that following complaints about access issues due to mud – that the Rugby Club has arranged to reinstate the area to make it safe and accessible.

16. Councillor and Clerk Generic Emails – Councillor Cambridge advised that this matter is still being looked into, where Councillors Cambridge and Nutter are liaising with the Council’s ICT contractor.

17. Dog Byelaws – The Council received an update from the working group (Councillors Burton, Cambridge and Chaplin). It noted that the working group has looked at the dog signage at Bradfield and that a further meeting will be held to investigate this matter further.

18. Community Governance Review – The Council noted the latest legal advice regarding this proposed review. There were no further updates about this.

19. Dates of Next Meetings – The following were noted.
• Full Parish Council Meeting – Monday 17th February 2020 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.
• Planning Committee – Thursday 6th February 2020 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

There being no other business, the Chairman closed the Meeting at 9.37pm.