Minutes 5 November 2018

Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on Monday 5 November 2018 in the Lounge at the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 19.30

Present Cllrs. Birch (Vice-Chairman), Burton, Carter, Chaplin, Howell, Peacock and Rayner (Chairman). Mr. A Lee (Temporary Clerk), D. Cllr. Coley and three members of the public were present. No representatives of the press were present.

133.18 Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Cllrs. Fairhall and Kent, which were accepted unanimously. The Chairman and Councillors expressed their congratulations for the birth of Cllr. Kent’s baby.

134.18 Minutes of the previous meeting
The Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on 24 September 2018, having been circulated previously, were agreed as a true record. Proposed by the Cllr. Peacock, seconded by Cllr Birch and were approved unanimously, and signed by the Chairman.

135.18 Declarations of Interest
Cllrs. Birch, Carter and Howell declared their interest in Item 140.18 (as current Trustees). Cllrs. Carter and Peacock declared their interest in Item 145.18 (h) (i) (members of the Autumn Days Club). Cllr. Rayner declared an interest in Item 145.18 (i) (member of the Manningtree and District Royal British Legion) and Item 145.18 (d) (a payee).

136.18 Public Voice
No members of the public spoke.

137.18 District and County Councillors Reports
D. Cllr. Coley reported that residents in Tendring could find out now whether or not they will have a wheelie bin when a new waste collection system is introduced in June 2019. Tendring District Council will move from weekly to fortnightly collections of general waste, while food waste collections will remain weekly. Alternate weekly recycling collections will continue as they do now. The majority of households would receive a wheelie bin for their general waste, and the roll-out will take around three months to complete. Some properties such as those which have no side access and no front boundary, along with some rural routes, would remain on a weekly black sack collection. Residents can check online whether or not they will receive a wheelie bin at: https://www.tendringdc.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling/new-waste-service. D. Cllr. Coley reported that he would speak against planning application 17/01181/OUT – land to the south of Long Road, at the Tendring District Council’s Planning Committee meeting on the 13 November. It was agreed that the Chairman ask Cllr. Fairhall to speak on behalf of the Parish Council against the planning application.

The Chairman thanked D. Cllr. Coley for his and C. Cllr. Guglielmi’s reports and also for contacting the Police Divisional Commander for Tendring District and requesting police attention to an anti-social behaviour problem at the Furze Hill car park.

138.18 Matters arising from previous minutes
There were none.

139.18 Councillors to report on Meetings attended
The Chairman reported that he had been unable to attend the September meeting of the Tendring District Association of Local Councils, but would attend the November meeting.

140.18 Manningtree and Mistley Welcome Home and Memorial Fund
Previously on 2 July 2018, the Parish Council had agreed to take over the Manningtree and Mistley Welcome Home and Memorial Fund Trust as Sole Trustee (item 90.18). The Rural Community Council of Essex, had advised that the Parish Council needed to formally consider and resolve the issue of the appointment of Nominative Trustees, before applying for a formal transfer with the Charity Commission. The Chairman proposed that the Parish Council be the sole Council to appoint Nominative Trustees, Cllr. Birch seconded, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk

141.18 Personnel Committee
Cllr. Howell reported that the Personnel Committee had met twice on 28 October and 3 November. The Committee had discussed the merits of the six applications received for the Clerk’s vacancy and had agreed to invite three applicants for interview on 12 November. The Committee had also discussed the Committee’s Terms of Reference and Policy Statements for: Equal Opportunities; Health and Safety at Work; and General Data Protection Regulation. It was agreed that the Clerk would circulate these documents to Councillors for approval at the next meeting. Action: Clerk

142.18 Litter Pick-Up Event
Cllr. Howell explained that the arrangements were in place for the litter pick up event taking place on Saturday 24 November. Cllr. Carter to contact Mistley Norman School about holding a tidy up around the school grounds on Friday 23 November. Chairman to collect and return equipment to Tendring District Council.
Action: Cllrs. Howell, Carter, Rayner and Clerk

143.18 Village Hall Car Park
Cllr. Burton explained the current problems of vandalism, anti-social behaviour and litter in the Furze Hill car park, and that this might deter and intimidate users of the Village Hall. Cllr. Howell anticipated a problem in the future with residents of and visitors to the new dwellings at the former Secret Bunker possibly occupying car park spaces to the detriment of users of the Village Hall and Furze Hill. Cllr. Burton suggested that the solution might be to install a lockable barrier to restrict entry to the car park. The Chairman suggested that a barrier might prevent access to cars but would not deter motorcycles or pedestrians. It was noted that other Parish Councils of public-accessible spaces in Bradfield and Lawford had installed lockable barriers to restrict access. Cllr. Chaplin suggested that a lockable barrier might also be required for the secondary car park. D. Cllr. Coley explained that both Lawford and Bradfield Parish Councils had installed barriers to stop cars accessing their fields. There were concerns that: dog walkers and other responsible users might criticise the imposition of restricted access; and vandalism and anti-social behaviour would not be prevented when the barrier was unlocked. Cllr. Burton agreed to check with existing Village Hall hirers and the Chairman to make enquiries about the cost for erecting a lockable barrier. Action: Cllrs. Burton and Rayner

144.18 Clerk’s Report
The Clerk reported that four street lights had been repaired by the contractor between September and October. The insurance claim for the street light destroyed in August by a vehicle was being processed by the insurance broker and quotations had been submitted for consideration.

145.18 Finance Report
(a) Noted and approved the Internal Auditor’s comments and recommendations in her Report on the audited accounts for the first and second quarters of 2018/19.

(b) Noted the following Direct Debits and Standing Orders have been paid since the last meeting: J Hinson £563.33, £563.33 and £563.33 (salary – August, September and October) A and J Lighting £337.80, £240.00 and £295.74 (street lights maintenance – September and October)

(c) Noted the following cheques have been signed since the last meeting:
Philip Liverton Ltd. £2,736.00 and £1,038.00 (grass-cutting)
GCS Alarms Ltd. £78.00 (CCTV system) TW Logistics £25.00 (rent)
Wesource £1,200 (churchyard maintenance) HMRC £876.54 (PAYE and NI)
Premier Signs and Displays Ltd. £162.00 (signage)
Came & Co. £3,855.78 (insurance premium)
Essex Association of Local Councils £235.95 (Councillors’ training event)
Kate Palmer £742.26 (salary – September)
B Forrester £119.50 and £119.50 (wages – September and October)
Lawford Parish Council £2,500.00 (Family Fun At The Furze – item 60.18 (a))
A Lee £ 631.47 (stationery, postage, job advert and high-visibility vests – item 110.18)

(d) Approved the following invoices received after agenda was prepared:
Philip Liverton Ltd. £684.00 (grass-cutting)
Wesource £400.00 (churchyard maintenance)
Rose Builders Ltd. £4,890.00 (repairs to gully around Swan Basin, painting of Swan Basin and repair of wall at Trinity Road Cemetery)
M. Rayner £15.05 (key cutting and strimmer sundries)
V. Pretty £100.00 (Internal Audit first and second quarters)
Chairman proposed and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk

(e) Considered Tendring District Council’s quotation for replacing litter bins near car park at Furze Hill (items 87.18 and 105.18). Cllr. Birch proposed, seconded Cllr. Peacock and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk

(f) Considered the quotations received for replacement fencing around the Children’s Playground at Furze Hill (item 106.18). Following a comparison of the five quotations received, the Chairman proposed, Cllr. Peacock seconded and agreed unanimously that the quotation from C & W Fencing Limited be accepted. Action: Chairman

(g) Considered the section 106 allocation for play area on New Road (item 107.18) and it was agreed unanimously to discharge this item.

(h) Considered and agreed unanimously to make a section 137 grants to the following:
(i) £100 to Autumn Days; (ii) £200 to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices; (iii) £300 to Essex and Herts Air Ambulance; (iv) £250 to Acorn Village; (v) £500 to Citizens Advice Tendring; and £100 to Manningtree Museum and Local History Group. Cllrs. Carter and Peacock did not vote on item (h) (i). Action: Clerk

In respect of request from the following: Ramsey and Mistley Football Club (item 118.18) – agreed to await an updated request; and the Persecuted Witches Memorial (item 86.18) – agreed to await a progress report from Cllr. Burton. Action: Cllr. Burton

(i) Considered and agreed to make a donation of £100 to the Royal British Legion for the Remembrance Wreath. Cllr. Rayner did not vote on this item. Action: Clerk

146.18 Correspondence – Clerk to report on correspondence not dealt with by agenda items:
(a) Noted the following:

(i) Tendring District Council’s proposed recommendations on Polling District and Polling Place Review 2018 (deadline was 15 October 2018). It was noted that the Manifest Theatre is no longer a Polling Station.

(ii) The Chelmsford Motor Club has applied for an Event Organising Permit to organise and promote a Special Stage Rally for Sunday 28 April 2019 (deadline was 27 October 2018).

(iii) Tendring District Council has made a Public Path Diversion Order 2018 for Footpath 7 Mistley (between Harwich Road and Middlefield Road) in conjunction with Planning Permission (15/01787/FUL) approved on 7 September 2017.

(b) Considered:

(i) Appointing a Working Party to make an application to the Local Services Fund for a Village Gardener / Hedge / Verge Cutter (120.18). It was agreed to defer until money from the Local Services Fund next became available.

(ii) A request from a resident about VAS Sign along The Walls (119:18). It was agreed to monitor the problem given the successful activities of Community Speed Watch.

(iii) Rotary Club of Manningtree Stour Valley’s request for permission to use Furze Hill Recreation Ground as the finish for the Mayflower Run on Sunday 26 May 2019 – agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk

(iv) Nominating two Councillors to represent the Council at meetings of the combined Councils’ Working Party for Special Constables for Lawford, Manningtree and Mistley (item 111.18) – agreed unanimously that Cllrs. Burton and Chaplin represent the Parish Council. Action: Clerk and Cllrs. Burton and Chaplin

147.18 Dates of next Parish Council meeting in the Village Hall:
Full Council Meeting – Monday 10 December 2018 at 19.30. Planning Meetings – Thursdays 22 November and 6 December 2018 at 19.30.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 21.20.