Minutes 3 July 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council’s Meeting held on 3 July 2017 in the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 19.00

Present Cllrs. Birch, Burton, Chaplin, Fairhall, French, Howell, Kent, Peacock and Rayner. D. Cllr. Coley, C. Cllr. Guglielmi, a representative of the press and 4 Members of the Public. Mr. R. Ling (Responsible Finance Officer) and Mr. A. Lee (Clerk)

55.17 Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Cllr. Carter. The Chairman welcomed Faye Kent onto the Council.

56.17 Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the meetings held on 22 May and 1 June 2017, having been circulated previously, were agreed as a true record. Proposed Chairman, seconded Cllr. Peacock, were approved unanimously, and signed by the Chairman.

57.17 Declarations of Interest
Cllr. Birch declared an interest in item 62.17 (a) (i) (business tenant of landowner). Cllrs. Birch, Peacock and Rayner declared an interest in item 63.17 (c) (members of the Village Hall Management Committee).

58.17 Public Voice
(a) A member of the public expressed concern about the difficulty for horse riders to use the highways around Mistley and enquired whether provision could be made by the Council for horse riders to use Furze Hill to gain access to Bradfield. The Chairman explained that the Parish Council had previously considered a request to provide a designated area for horse riders on Furze Hill but there were concerns about ensuring safety for other users such as children, dogs and walkers and there was also strong opposition among Councillors to allowing access to horse riding on Furze Hill. The Chairman agreed with Cllr. Burton’s suggestion that the matter be reconsidered by the Council.

(b) C. Cllr. Guglielmi provided a report from Essex County Council. Essex County Council is congratulating Early Years’ providers across the county on recent Ofsted results which show 97% of pre-schools and nurseries were judged to be ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ – two per cent above the national average. A new mural painted by residents of Acorn Village has been unveiled in the underpass at Manningtree railway station. The mural shows local attractions in and around the Mayflower branch line, which runs between Manningtree and Harwich Town. Fees for library services including overdue book fines are set to change soon. Book loans and computer use will remain free for all library customers, but certain charges will rise by a small amount from 3 July, with a cap applying for books and CDs. A new Lord-Lieutenant of Essex will replace Lord Petre when he retires in August after 15 years as the Royal representative in the County. Jennifer Tolhurst, a current Deputy Lieutenant, will take over from Lord Petre.

(c) D. Cllr. Coley provided a report from Tendring District Council. A crackdown has been launched on illegal advert signs on the highways around Tendring District with more than 200 removed on the first day. An improved temporary structure is to be put up at the site of Manningtree’s Riverside Health Centre. A new plea has gone out to shops, pubs and clubs across Tendring not to sell alcohol to people who are already drunk. New moves are to be introduced in a bid to crackdown on fly-tipping across Tendring. Hot spots will be identified, proactive enforcement will be employed – including surveillance cameras – and increased efforts will be made to bring those responsible to book. The Council is also going to raise awareness of the public’s responsibilities when it comes to arranging for the disposal of waste.

59.17 Matters arising from previous minutes
(a) Item 06.17 (b) – Play Equipment Working Party – (i) The Chairman reported that the installation of new equipment had been completed. Good feedback had been received from children and parents. Cllr. French explained that the Veolia grant application had not succeeded, but there was still an outstanding grant application with Tesco which is to be used for the goal mouth / sportswall.

(b) Item 86.16 – Memorial Island – The Clerk confirmed that the power supply had been disconnected. Some Councillors had inspected the site in advance of the meeting. It was agreed unanimously to Cllr. Birch’s suggestion that the new tree be planted in a different place on Memorial Island and the seating to remain in place. It was also agreed that the tree would need some form of protection. The Chairman to enquire whether Rose Builders could remove the remaining stump of the previous tree.

60.17 Councillors to report on meetings attended
(a) Essex Highways – Cllr. Rayner provided a report of a meeting with the Portfolio Holder, at which he had expressed concerns about: the public vehicular access to The Walls by The Towers; and the need to reduce the speed limit from 40 to 30 miles an hour along Heath Road.

(b) Essex Association of Local Councils Police Conference – Cllr. Rayner reported that the topics included: planned further recruitment of special constables and the possibility of sponsorship by local councils; improvements to the 101 service; Essex Police were now using drones to support their activities; and a new Gypsy Protocol. Trading Standards had been responsible for monitoring weight limitation violations by HGVs but this is being handed back to Highways.

(c) Local Plan Consultation Exhibition – Cllr. Fairhall expressed disappointment at the lack of local maps and detailed knowledge of the area.

(d) North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group – Cllr. Fairhall reported that a decision had been made to keep minor injuries units in Harwich, Clacton and Colchester. No decision had been made about Mistley Clinic.

(e) The Chairman provided a report on the appeal he had attended concerning 3 Lane Cottage, The Green (16/00057/ENFORC). C. Cllr. Guglielmi confirmed that the appellant had six months to appeal that decision. However, the Enforcement Notice ordered that the building must be returned to how it was before it was unlawfully changed.

61.17 Clerk’s Report
The Clerk reported that there had been four outages of street lights. The lighting contractor had advised that the light fittings at The Towers needed to be updated and suggested new LED-type fittings costing £120 each, but which were reliable, used less energy and required less maintenance. It was agreed unanimously to update the light fittings at The Towers. The Half-Pipe Skateboard Ramp had been vandalised with a section of a panel lifted off. The manufacturer had suggested three options. It was agreed unanimously to temporarily close off the equipment while more research could be made. A member of the public had complained about damage incurred to an item of their child’s clothing after using the equipment. It was agreed to defer this matter to the next meeting. Tendring District Council is to install a dog litter bin at the far end of Green Lane near to the junction with New Road. Copies of Tendring District Council’s guidance about using social media were provided to Councillors. The Clerk enquired whether the Council wanted to procure sand bags which could be utilised by local residents in case of future flooding near to Mistley Quay. C. Cllr. Guglielmi confirmed that Tendring District Council did not provide sand bags. It was agreed unanimously that the Council procure a quantity of sand bags for such an emergency. A presentation would be made at the next meeting about the proposal for a car rally. Action: Clerk

62.17 Planning
(a) Considered the following planning applications received:

(i) 17/00906/TPO – 1 No. Walnut – reduce by 35% overall in rear garden at Dinsdale, 11 Harwich Road. – No Comment – defer to Tree Officer Chairman proposed, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk

(ii) 17/00981/FUL – Erection of a new dwelling (following demolition of existing dwelling) at Yaffles, School Lane – Chairman proposed a neutral response which was lost: with three votes for; but six votes against. Cllr. Howell proposed an objection which was won: with six votes for; and three votes against – Objection – as the proposed house is not suitable for a conservation area and out of keeping in the immediate area. Action: Clerk.

(b) It was agreed to consider the planning applications received after the agenda prepared at the next meeting of the Planning Committee being held on 20 July.

(c) Noted that in respect of 16/00057/ENFORC, following the Public Inquiry for the Enforcement Appeal at 3 Lane Cottage, Mistley, the Appeal has been dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate and the Enforcement Notice has been upheld.

(d) It was agreed unanimously to consider a response to Tendring District Council’s new Local Plan at the next meeting of the Planning Committee being held on 20 July. Action: Clerk

63.17 Finance
(a) Noted the following Direct Debits have been paid since the last meeting:
J Hinson £563.33 (salary – May and £563.33 (salary – June)
A and J Lighting £185.70(street lights maintenance) Canon UK £97.20(photocopier)

(b) Noted the following cheques have been signed since the last meeting:
R Ling £105.37 (salary – May) R Ling £306.76 (Debit Card payment of tax and N.I. – May)
A Lee £694.71 (salary – May) B Forrester £117.60 (wages – May)

(c) Approved the following payments:
Wesource £845.00 (Church yard maintenance – May and June)
John O’Connell £272.88 (Village Hall repairs) P Liverton £1824.00 (grass cutting)
Tendring District Council £100.80 (playground safety inspections)
Affinity Water £69.12 (allotment water supply) R.C.C.E. £72.60 (subscription)
Playdale £14,999.62 (final payment for new play equipment)
Mistley Village Hall £239.50 (venue hire)
R Ling £103.70 (salary – June) R Ling £312.36 (Debit Card payment of tax and N.I. – June)
A Lee £694.71 (salary – June) B Forrester £147.10 (wages – June)
Chairman proposed, Cllr. French seconded and agreed unanimously.

(d) The Chairman explained that the Village Hall CCTV system needed to be updated and one quotation received, indicated a cost of about £2,200 plus VAT. The current system was not fit for purpose and it was agreed unanimously to update the system with a budget of up to £2,500.

(e) Following a discussion, it was agreed unanimously that the Council undertake repair the footpath along Church Lane from the Parish Church to the railway bridge.

(f) Considered and unanimously agreed not to renew the subscription to the Open Spaces Society.

64.17 Correspondence
A member of the public had written to the Chairman, asserting that all items of correspondence should be listed in the agenda. The Chairman referred to section 15 of the Council’s Standing Orders, which lists the duties and responsibilities concerning correspondence and the management, organization and storage of, access to and destruction of information held by the Council in paper and electronic form. The Clerk has responsibility for correspondence and exercises discretion on what can be dealt with by the Clerk and what needs to become an agenda item. The Essex Association of Local Councils had confirmed that this was the best practice. Cllr. Howell proposed that the Council was content with the current arrangements. Agreed unanimously.

(a) Noted the Essex County Council (Dead Lane, Lawford / Mistley) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic) (Tendring Hundred Show) Order 2017 – the Order will come into effect on 8 July 2017 and the restriction will last for the duration of the works.

(b) A round robin letter signed by residents of Shrubland Road and Rosewood Park who complained about speeding vehicles and requested that traffic calming speed humps and signage be installed in Shrubland Road. The Chairman proposed and it was agreed unanimously to discuss the matter at the next meeting. Action: Clerk

65.17 Dates of next meetings all at 19.00 in the Village Hall

Planning Committee Thursday 20 July 2017
Planning Committee Thursday 10 August 2017
Full Council Monday 14 August 2017

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 21.30.