Minutes 2nd July 2018

Minutes of the Parish Council’s Meeting held on 2nd July 2018 in the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 19.30

Present: Cllrs. A. Birch (Vice-Chairman), B. Burton, G. Carter, F. Fairhall, J. Chaplin, F. Kent and I. Peacock. Cllr Howell arrived at 7.32pm. Cllr Birch Chaired the Meeting.

Also: Kate Palmer, Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer.
Cllr Carlo Gulglielmi arrived at 7.40pm. There were 4 members of the public.

76:18 Apologies for absence – RESOLVED: It was unanimously agreed to accept the apologies from Cllr Rayner.

77.18 Minutes of the previous meetings – RESOLVED: The Minutes of the meeting held on 21st May 2018, having been circulated previously, were agreed as a true record. Proposed by Cllr Peacock & Seconded by Cllr Carter.

78.18 Declarations of Interest – Cllr Howell, Birch & Carter declared their interest in Item 90:18 as current Trustees of the Welcome Home Field.

79.18 Public Voice
Mr Kevan Day addressed the Council with his concerns about parking congestion in and around The Green. Mr Day explained the road is not clearly defined as public highway or a private road and Land Registry state it is unregistered. Mr Day wanted to know if the PC owned the road and if so can it give guidance on their acceptable measures to protect the residents and the parking available. It was revealed during the Meeting that The Green was registered as a Village Green in the 1960’s and ownership given to Mistley Parish Council. Mr Day explained that if the issue of ownership was established then possible easements/parking restrictions could be requested. Mr Day wanted to know the specific protocol to take to establish ownership and it was agreed that Mr Day would work with the Clerk to make efforts to find the answers.

80.18 District & County Councillors Reports – Cllr Guglielmi shared that Part 1 of the Local Plan would be delayed being adopted following the Inspectors comments that the North Essex Garden Communities proposals needed further work in the areas of employment and transport. The options were to modify, revisit or start again but The Authorities had made significant investments and had a strong intention to push forward. Cllr Fairhall questioned the likelihood of developers using the delay to submit extreme applications. Cllr Guglielmi advised that as the Council had achieved its land supply further large developments would not likely be considered by TDC. Cllr Fairhall questioned if the large number of Councillors who abstained from voting was appropriate. Cllr Guglielmi confirmed it was acceptable if not a perfect example of the democratic process.

81:18 Matters arising from previous minutes – None

82:18 Councillors to report on meetings attended:

(a) Cllr Fairhall reported on the Meeting with the Planning Inspector regarding the Long Road/Clacton Road application. No-one explained the differences between the 2 applications which confused matters. Cllr Fairhall was not permitted to speak at the Meeting or defend lies told by the developers. The application would be coming to the Council again and that the preferred access route needed to be clearly agreed by the Parish Council.
(b) Cllr Fairhall attended the Dedham Vale AONB Project Forum and asked when the results of the amendments for the consultation be made available and it was due at the end of June. A new Planning Officer has been appointed. DEFRA fund the AONB and so a suitable distance between them both is needed to ensure independence.
(c) The River Stour Festival has a variety of events taking place throughout the year from now.
(d) Cllr Birch & Cllr Rayner met with Highways regarding the access points into the new allotments. Their preference was that access be closed to vehicles from Pound Corner and find alternative access from the Village Hall.

83.18 Clerk’s Report –
(a) Barclays has transferred the bank account over now and I have set up a Dual Authorisation facility for online payments. Two signatories will need to register with Barclays to approve online payments. The Financial Regulations will be altered to reflect the system if it is agreed to go ahead.
(b) I have been reviewing staff contracts to ensure the Council meets its employers’ responsibilities and I suggest that a Personnel Committee be appointed to make recommendations to the Full Council. I would like 3 Cllrs to form this new Committee who are not on the Village Hall Committee at present. Cllrs Howell and Kent meet the criteria and are happy to be appointed and this would be on the next Agenda.
(c) There has been a new request for a Memorial Plaque on the bench allocated for general memorials. Members agreed in principle subject to the policy criteria being accepted.

84:18 Finance
Members discussed the schedule of payments presented to the meeting and it was Proposed by Cllr Burton and Seconded by Cllr Fairhall to accept the payments. All Members agreed.
B Forrester £138.10 £138.10 Salary (June)
K Palmer £753.70 £753.70 Salary (June)
J Hinson £563.33 £563.33 Salary (June)
K Palmer £138.75 £138.75 Expenses & Mileage
K Palmer £22.94 4.59 £27.53 Stationary
K Palmer £59.26 11.86 £71.12 Stationary
Command Pest Control £80.00 16 £96.00 Mole Treatments
LCPAS £450.00 £450.00 CiLCA Training
Cllr C Howell £48.93 5.95 £54.88 Pump for Swan Basin
Village Hall Committee £35.82 £35.82 Public WC Supplies
Village Hall Committee £91.00 £91.00 Hall Hire
RCCE £60.50 £60.50 Annual Membership
Affinity Water £53.73 £53.73 Railways Allotment Site
Affinity Water £20.22 £20.22 Swan Basin
£2,516.28 £38.40 £2,554.68

85.18 Correspondence –
(i) The Planning Inspectorate – Public Path Diversion Order, Footpaths 10,11 & 12 in Mistley and Footpaths 8, 11 & 12 in Bradfield. Request for witnesses and attendees at the hearing scheduled to take place on 27th November 2018 at 10am at Weeley Council Offices.
(ii) Stour Sailing Club – request for donations towards Manningtree Regatta Fireworks Display.
(iii) Meeting of the Stour & Orwell Forum – Royal Harwich Yaucht Club, Woolverstone Marina. Tuesday 17th July, 9.30am.
(iv) Email from Highways ref: New Allotment Access – as emailed already.
(v) RCCE – Notification of AGM, 11th July 2018, Chelmsford City Racecourse.
(vi) Field Seymour Solicitors – Notice of Commencement of Development at Brunswick Rd.
(vii) Essex Heritage Trust Newsletter.

86:18 Persecuted Witches Memorial Working Party – Cllr Burton reported the organiser has obtained prices for a memorial to the women killed for allegedly being witches. It was hoped to place the plaque in South Street where the killings took place. The Memorial was being priced in Bronze which is very expensive. Lots of press articles/discussions have already taken place and some fundraising has happened already. There is support from an interested group in Colchester.

87:18 Village Hall Bins – Cllr Birch explained that the 2 litter bins in the car park were constantly overflowing and larger bins were needed. Members discussed the need for increasing the size and quantity of bins and were happy for the Clerk to get prices from Tendring DC and circulate ahead of a decision at the next Meeting. Action: Clerk

88:18 Fencing Around Play Area – Cllr Birch advised Members that the fencing was tired and constantly being vandalised. It was agreed to get prices/quotes and then Members will consider further. Clerk to place on the next Meeting Agenda. Action: Clerk

89:18 S106 Allocation – **This item was deferred until after Item 90:18** Members agreed that when the Parish Council became the Sole Trustee of the Welcome Home Field, any S106 funds that are available would be directed to the play area on the Field. All in favour.

90:18 Welcome Home Field – Members discussed the request from The Welcome Home Committee to become the Sole Trustee and take responsibility for the Field. Cllr Howell explained that the current Trusteeship was financially stable but could possibly provide some revenue to offset its costs and questioned if the Parish Council would become financially responsible for the Welcome Home Field, which it would. Cllr Howell questioned the possibility of Manningtree & Mistley Councils both being Trustees but this was not being requested and was not advised by the RCCEs advisor.
Members discussed S106 funding being directed to the Welcome Home Field if it came under the umbrella of MPC. Cllr Howell felt there was little choice but to take it. Cllr Kent felt that S106 money would be welcomed at the play area on the field as the area is well used. Members agreed to write to the WHFT and advise them the Council is willing to take on the Sole Trusteeship. Proposed by Cllr Fairhal and Seconded by Cllr Kent. All in favour.

91:18 Request from MITHRAS for Annual Tea Party on The Green – It was Proposed by Cllr Howell, Seconded by Cllr Burton to give permission. All in favour.

92:18 Preparations for the death of the Monarch – Members had mixed feelings about this Item and Cllr Howell said it was a ghoulish request and that resources could be better spent elsewhere. Cllr Birch suggested the Church was the best site to hold any Book of Remembrance and floral tributes which was agreed as the best place.

93:18 Swan Basin Painting – Cllr Birch advised that the Swan Basin had recently been cleaned and refilled and works to the brickwork surround have been agreed but is yet to commence. Cllr Howell explained that following the clean-up it was discovered there were some deep cracks in it and that professional support would be required. It was agreed to obtain a quote from Rose Builders and the decide the next steps. Action: The Clerk

94:18 Date of Next Full Council Meeting –

Planning Committee Thursdays 12th July at 7.30pm.
Full Council Monday 13th August at 7.30pm

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.25pm.