Minutes 24 June 2019

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

held on 24 June 2019 in the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 19.30

Councillors Present: C Howell (Chairman); J Chaplin (Vice-Chairman); J Cambridge; G Carter; R Frost; P Nutter; I Peacock; and H Turner

In Attendance: District Councillor A Coley; District and County Councillor C Guglielimi; Eight Members of the Public; and Mr A Lee (Locum Clerk) were present.

1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence – The Chairman welcomed everybody to the Meeting and introduced the newly co-opted Councillors. Apologies for absence were received from Councillor F Kent.

2. Declaration of Acceptance of Office – The Meeting was adjourned for a short period to facilitate newly co-opted Councillors Frost, Nutter and Turner to complete and sign their Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms.

3. Declarations of Interest and Register of Interests – There were declarations of non pecuniary interest made by Councillors Carter and Peacock in respect of item 10 i). Councillors Frost, Nutter and Turner submitted their completed and signed Notice of Disposable Pecuniary Interests forms as required by the Monitoring Officer of Tendring District Council.

4. Appointment of Councillor/s Representative/s

a) EALC – (Essex Association of Local Councils) – It was agreed that Councillors Howell and Turner would undertake this role for the ensuing year. (Deferred from the last Meeting).

b) Manningtree District Business Chamber – It was agreed that Councillor Nutter would undertake this role for the ensuing year.

5. Public Voice – No Member of the Public spoke.

6. District and County Councillors Reports – The written reports were received and noted. District Councillor Coley spoke about the new administration for Tendring District Council following the local elections. On Sunday 9 June, a local service to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings was held at the War Memorial in High Street, Manningtree. The first meeting with the Chairs of the Three Parishes took place on the 22 May. District Councillor Coley summarised the matters discussed at a meeting regarding Manningtree Library, which was attended by representatives from the Save Manningtree Library Campaign, Lawford, Manningtree & Mistley Town & Parish Councils, the Manningtree Museum, the three District Councillors and members of the community. Planning Applications and Appeals – if all the proposed developments for the three parishes are approved, together with those already granted, the number of dwellings locally could increase in excess of 1,700 in the next 5 – 10 years, which could lead to a local population increase of about 4,000. District Councillors intend to continue to call-in and present their opposition to the Planning Committee, where appropriate. If a Parish or Town Council wish us to call-in specific applications it would be useful to receive a written request in that regard, listing the reasons for the call-in. The grounds at Weeley Crematorium will be closed to the public for five weekends commencing 29 June to allow for essential maintenance work to be carried out. The new wheelie bins start to arrive in roll-out of new waste service from 10 June.

Once delivered households will be on a fortnightly collection service for the wheelie bins, with a weekly collection of food waste and an alternate weekly recycling collection. Not all properties are having a wheelie bin as those with no suitable side access or front garden, and some rural routes, and so in these cases they will continue to have a weekly black sack collection. Most homes will have a new collection day and details will be provided with their new bin. The roll-out will take 10 weeks to complete. More information can be found at www.tendringdc.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling/new-waste-service. Tendring District Council’s Food Safety Team is launching its event which will help firms to improve their hygiene rating – as well as reminding the public of the wealth of information out there to help them make food choices. The public can check out ratings before they eat anywhere at https://ratings.food.gov.uk/ or on https://www.scoresonthedoors.org.uk/.

District Councillor Coley responded to questions raised by Councillors about: the planning process; and the progress of the Local Plan.

County Councillor Guglielimi spoke about: a new Domestic Abuse Helpline introduced to access Community Based Services and Specialist Accommodation in Essex. The telephone number is 0330 333 7 444. The website is www.essexcompass.org.uk. Dualling the A120 along a new route between Braintree and the A12 could provide the region with a £2.2 billion economic boast supporting businesses, job creation, inward investment and housing. There are renewed efforts to get people to recycle and if they are thinking of disposing of equipment to give ideas of how to do this in a way that will benefit others. The links below will take you to the perfect place to find out how to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle your waste. http://www.loveessex.org/news-and-ideas/too-good-to-throw-away-pass-on-your-furniture-electricalsand-other-items/.

7. Minutes of the last full (Annual) Parish Council Meeting held on the 20 May 2019 – were considered and approved subject to a few minor corrections. (Copy in Minute Book)

8. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes held on the 20 May 2019 – there were none.

9. Councillors & Clerk to Report on External Meetings Attended – Brief verbal updates were received as follows:

a) Local Emergency Plan Meeting – 5 June 2019 – Councillor Cambridge reported that the draft Emergency Plan had been reduced and focussed on the Emergency Respite Centres.

b) Library Meeting – 13 June 2019 – following on from District Councillor Coley’s earlier summary of the subject, Councillor Chaplin reported that the outcome was still awaiting from the County Council’s meeting.

c) University of Essex Annual Meeting and Summer Reception – 21 June 2019 – Councillors Chaplin and Cambridge reported that it had been both an informative and enjoyable event, including a tour explaining the history of the estate.

10. Clerk and RFO (Responsible Financial Officer) Matters

a) Schedule of Accounts for Payment – The schedule of accounts was considered and agreed in the sum of £8,226.47 (Copy in Minute Book).

b) Furze Hill Fencing / Wire Netting – noted that the former Chairman had been in discussion with the developer regarding widening the path adjacent to the Village Hall in order to facilitate vehicular access to the new Mistley Rugby Clubhouse. It was also noted wire fencing between the bin, up to the lamppost will be reinstated by the developer when work has been completed.

c) Insurance Claim – Street Lighting – noted that the Council’s insurer has appointed solicitors to recover its expenditure from the third party.

d) Essex County Council Highways – Salt Bag Partnership Scheme for Winter 2019-2020 – this was considered and it was agreed that the Clerk confirm with EDME how many bags of rock
salt were currently held in storage. Action: Clerk

e) Policy on Grant Approval (Section 137, Section 142 and Section 138B) – this was considered and it was agreed unanimously to be deferred to the next meeting.

f) Website Accessibility Statement – this was considered and it was agreed to be deferred to the next meeting.

g) BMX Bike Track – Mr Rayner outlined a proposed project to construct a BMX Bike Track on the land being gifted to the Parish Council as part of a section 106 agreement. Following a discussion, it was agreed that Councillors Cambridge and Chaplin liaise with the developer to view the proposed site and report back.

h) Bespoke Councillor Training – details of training were noted. Chairman explained that she and the Vice-Chairman were going to attend Chairman training at Great Dunmow. It was agreed

the Clerk to liaise with Essex Association of Local Councils and Councillors about planning a
bespoke training session for Councillors. Action: Clerk

i) Mistley Village Hall – Councillors considered various maintenance works in accordance with the Parish Council’s responsibilities for the fabric of the building. Two quotations for the

replacement of the rotten fire door were received and considered. Clerk to confirm the number of quotations received. Clerk also directed to expedite an urgent repair of the roof in
accordance with Finance Regulations. Action: Clerk

j) The Localism Act 2011 (General Power of Competence) – Councillors noted that The Localism Act 2011 replaced the power of wellbeing with regard to the General Power of Competence. It was noted that this legislation will give the Parish Council wider powers to deliver more for the community. The Parish Council is not now however, eligible as there are not at least two thirds of the total numbers of Councillors who have been elected, (i.e. not co-opted), and so this matter will need to be considered again in 4 years time after the next elections.

k) Council’s Bankers & Additional Councillor Signatory – The Chairman provided an update regarding the problems incurred with the Council’s bankers. Following the vote, it was agreed that Councillor Cambridge be added as an additional Councillor bank signatory. Action: Clerk

l) Finance Matters – There were no urgent matters.

m) Maintenance Matters – complaints had been made about overgrown foliage: path connecting Harwich Road and Stourview Avenue and the pavement on the High Street opposite Mistley House. It was agreed that a joint meeting be held between Tendring District and land owners and the Clerk. Complaints also made about the overgrown foliage onto the path along New

Road of Mistley Place Park. It was agreed that the Clerk write to the owners of Mistley Place Park asking that they cutback the overgrown foliage to their boundary. Action: Clerk

11. Correspondence:

a) Essex Heritage Trust News 2019 – was noted.

b) Essex County Council Highways – Member-led Footpath Repair Programme 2019-2020 – it was agreed to defer this to the next meeting.

c) Rural Community Council of Essex’s Brochure – was noted.

d) The Parish Paths Partnership Scheme (P3) – details were noted and the Footpath Representative was aware of the scheme.

e) The Woodland Trust – Tree of the Year National Competition – 2019 – noted that a member of the public had entered ‘Old Knobbly’ into the competition.

f) Trinity Road HGV’s – Councillors noted the issues with HGV vehicles in this area. They noted that the Clerk has advised Essex County Council Highways, our County Councillor and Essex Constabulary about these matters following receipt of correspondence from a concerned local resident. The Clerk advised that Essex County Highways will be reinstating the damaged signage at this point before looking into the provision of additional signage.

g) Environment Agency – Councillors noted the details of the consultation of the National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy for England which runs until the 4 July

2019. It was agreed that the Clerk would forward the link to the consultation documents to
Councillors. Action: Clerk

h) Cemetery Committee – Councillors unanimously agreed to the request received from Pastor Gauis Phillingham for permission to use the grassed area of the Trinity Road Cemetery for
church events during the summer. Action: Clerk

i) Friends of Historic Essex Spring 2019 Newsletter – noted.

j) 75th Anniversary of VE Day weekend of 8 May 2020 – Councillors considered Lawford Parish Council’s request to jointly commemorate this event. It was agreed that the Council would be involved in the jointly organised events. Councillors Cambridge, Chaplin and Howell to meet with colleagues from the Lawford Parish and Manningtree Town Councils.
Action: Clerk

k) Resignations – Councillors received and noted the letters from Councillors Burton and Norman tendering their respective resignations due to current personal commitments. The Chairman expressed the Council’s gratitude for their contributions. It was noted that former Councillor Burton had agreed to remain on both the Cemetery Committee and the Mistley Village Hall Management Committee.

l) Manningtree Town Council – Donation of Silver Birch Tree – Councillors agreed to accept the offer of a sapling donation from Manningtree Town Council as received from HM the Queen’s Estate via District Councillor Coley. Further consideration would be given to agreeing a site to plant the sapling in the autumn.

12. Manningtree Town Council Request – Community Governance Review – it was agreed to defer consideration of this item to the next meeting.

13. Co-option of Parish Councillors – Councillors noted the Notice of Vacancies in Office of two Councillors dated 13 June 2019 and the Locum Clerk explained the procedure for filling casual vacancies.

14. Dates of Next Meetings – The following were noted:

Planning Committee on Thursday 18 July and Full Parish Council on Monday 22 July 2019 – both at 19.30 in the Village Hall.