Minutes 24 April 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council’s Meeting held on 24 April 2017 in the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 19.45

Present Cllrs. Birch, Burton, Carter, Chaplin, French, Howell, Peacock and Rayner. D. Cllr. Coley and C. Cllr. Guglielmi. Mr. R. Ling (Responsible Finance Officer) and Mr. A. Lee (Clerk). Three Members of the Public.

27.17 Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Cllr. Fairhall. The Chairman welcomed Beverley Burton onto the Council.

The Essex Association of Local Councils had advised that in accordance with section 85 of the Local Government Act 1972, Richard Horlock had automatically lost his seat as a Member of the Parish Council, because: he had not attended any meeting of the full Council or any Committee for more than six months; and had failed to provide any explanation for his absence, or submit his apologies. Tendring District Council had been notified of the casual vacancy.

28.17 Minutes of the previous meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on 13 March 2017, having been circulated previously, were agreed as a true record. Proposed Chairman, seconded and approved unanimously, and signed by the Chairman.

29.17 Declarations of Interest
There were none.

30.17 Public Voice
(a) C. Cllr. Guglielmi provided a report from Essex County Council. More than 200 new special school places look set to be created in Essex after the Government approved plans for two free schools and encouraged a formal bid for a third. 10,000 energy-saving LED streetlights have now been installed across the county. The first phase of a £9.2 million programme to replace 19,000 conventional lights with LEDs on main roads and junctions in Essex. Essex County Council and the University of Essex have announced plans to map the impressive 16,712 hectares of accessible natural green space, including 350 miles of coastline, 1,440 local wildlife sites and eight country parks, as spaces which can support health, wellbeing and social care. A record percentage of children in Essex have been offered a place at their parents’ first preference of primary school, Essex County Council has revealed. A record 89 per cent of children due to start Reception in September have been offered their parents’ first preference – up from 87 per cent last year. Residents wanting to know if their road is set to be resurfaced this year are now just a click away from finding out. The full roads resurfacing programme from April 2017 to March 2018 is now available to check on the highways information map at www.essex.gov.uk/surfacing.

(b) D. Cllr. Coley provided a report from Tendring District Council. Tendring District Council submitted a response to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England’s draft recommendations on a new scheme of district council wards for Tendring. A developer’s controversial plans to build 67 new homes on agricultural land at the rear of New Road, Mistley has been thrown out by Tendring District Council. A new service to help lift residents who have fallen but are uninjured in their homes in Tendring, which is operated by Tendring District Council’s Careline. Tendring District Council’s Licensing and Registration Committee decided to fully enact new equality measures so that taxis and private hire vehicles that are able to carry passengers seated in their wheelchair will become designated wheelchair accessible vehicles. From the date that the designation starts, it will be illegal for a taxi driver to refuse to carry a passenger in a designated vehicle just because they are a wheelchair user. They will also not be able to charge extra for the journey, or charge extra for giving assistance to enter and exit the vehicle. Tendring District Council’s Asset Management Plan sets out the background for the way in which the authority will make the best possible use of its 4,200 sites, which includes: 3,200 Council homes; some 470 garages; more than 40 public toilets; about 50 commercial premises; approximately 50 car parks; more than 300 open spaces and around 90 leisure related assets.

(c) Responding to concerns raised by the Chairman about the planning application for land south of Long Road, C. Cllr. Guglielmi offered to arrange a surgery.

(d) Cllr. Carter enquired about Tendring District Council’s Recycling Calendar.

(e) Cllr. Howell had applied to the Co-Op for the Parish Council to participate as a beneficiary in the local Token Scheme.

(f) Cllr. Chaplin enquired about whether dogs could go on the playing fields if on a lead, because in which case the Parish Council would need to qualify the ban for ‘dogs off leads’.

31.17 Matters arising from previous minutes
(a) Item 15.17 – Bill Jenman, Project Manager for the Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, had contacted Alison Mercer, the Tree Warden, who showed him the draft management plan for Furze Hill Woods and the map of veteran trees there. As a consequence, it has been proposed, that Mistley could make a pilot area for the Veteran Tree Survey Project which the Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is planning as part of the project. It could be possible to run a Parish Veteran Tree Survey in Mistley in 2018. It is also proposed that there would be a day or half day course with an external tutor or two, trialling survey techniques and forms and enabling potential volunteers to learn survey and recording techniques, how to assess tree safety, the biodiversity aspects of old trees (such as bats, fungi, beetles).

32.17 Councillors to report on meetings attended
(a) The Chairman gave a summary of a meeting held with D. Cllr. Coley and Cllr. Birch about details of the Section 106 agreement in respect of the land south of Harwich Road. The discussion focused on: the business unit which could be used as a satellite surgery; allotments; and affordable housing. The Chairman confirmed that he had since contacted the English Rural Housing Association and also the Lawford Surgery.

33.17 Clerk’s Report
The Clerk reported that four streetlights had been repaired by the contractor. Notification had been received that the Santander Account had been closed. Work on sweeping and the re-painting of lines of the Village Hall Car Park would be carried out on 27 and 28 April. Following a discussion of the list of future meeting dates, it was agreed that future meetings of the full Council and Planning Committee would commence at 19.00 instead of 19.30. Action: Clerk

34.17 Planning
There were no Planning Applications received.

35.17 Finance
(a) Noted that the Internal Auditor has audited the accounts for the last quarter of 2016/17 and has approved with one comment that the subscription of £25.00 made to the Friends of Historic Essex minute was incorrectly recorded as £12.00 in the minutes of the meeting on 30 January 2017 (item 09.17 (d)).

(b) Noted the following Direct Debits have been paid since the last meeting:
E-ON Energy £6,116.89 (street lights energy for 2017/18)
Canon UK £97.20 (photocopier)
J Hinson £563.33 and £563.33(Village Hall Caretakers salary – March and April)

(c) Noted the following cheques have been signed since the last meeting:
R Ling £106.20 (salary – March) A Lee £673.28 (salary – March)
B Forrester £147.10 (wages – March)
HM Revenue and Customs £301.96 (PAYE and NI – March)
John P Smith Electrical £125.00 (power supply to Defibrillator at Village Hall)
UK Power Networks £669.60 (work in connection with memorial tree)

(d) To approve the following payments:
V Pretty £50.00 (internal audit) E.A.L.C. £554.79 (affiliation fee)
R Gwinnell and Son £428.90 (Cemetery management fee)
Manningtree Town Council £217.47 (allocation of excess Cemetery income)
Mistley Quay and Forwarding £25.00 (rent Harwich Road allotments)
R Ling £105.37 (salary – April) A Lee £694.71 (salary – April)
B Forrester £147.50 (wages – April) The Hub £200.00 (grant)
HM Revenue and Customs £313.58 (PAYE and NI – April)
Playdale Playgrounds £14,999.63 (first instalment – play equipment)
Wesource £400.00 (Churchyard and Burial Ground Maintenance)
Proposed, seconded and agreed unanimously.

(e) Noted that the accounts for 2016-2017 were being prepared for submission to the External Auditor and also noted the summary of expenditure and income together with the Bank Reconciliation at 31 March 2017.
(i) Approved unanimously the Annual Governance Statement (enclosed), which was then signed by the Chairman and the Clerk. Action: Responsible Finance Officer

(ii) Approved unanimously the Accounting Statements for 2016-2017 (enclosed), which were signed by the Chairman. Action: Responsible Finance Officer

(f) Approved a grant of £150.00 to the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices.

(g) Noted that the Parish Council has committed to Playdale’s quotation for the supply and fixing of new play equipment and to determine a supplier for the goal mouth equipment at the meeting in May.

36.17 Correspondence
(a) Noted the recommendations of the Parish Independent Remuneration Panel for 2017-2018. The Council reconfirmed its policy and approved unanimously a continuation of the formal scheme for the Chairman’s Allowance and Members’ travel, subsistence and expenses.

(b) Noted the current position reported in the Essex Police Rural Crime Forum Briefing.

(c) Cllr. Birch volunteered to consider the information about the recently launched Heritage Watch scheme and whether the parish Council should participate. Action: Cllr. Birch

(d) Agreed to permit Trinity Free Church to use part of the graveyard in Trinity Road. Action: Clerk

37.17 Dates of next meetings – all in the Village Hall
It was agreed to cancel the Finance Committee meeting scheduled for Saturday 13 May.

Planning Committee Thursday 11 May at 19.00
Full Council Monday 22 May 2017 at 19.00 (Annual Meeting of the Council)

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 20.50.