Minutes 23 April 2018

Minutes of the Parish Council’s Meeting held on 23 April 2018 in the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 19.30

Present Cllrs. Rayner (Chairman), Birch (Vice-Chairman), Burton, Howell, Carter, Fairhall and Peacock.
District Cllr Alan Coley and 2 members of the public,
Mr. R. Ling (Responsible Finance Officer) and Kate Palmer (Clerk)

27.18 Apologies for absence – none but it was noted that Cllr Dean French has resigned since the last meeting which was advised in the Annual Assembly also.

28.18 Minutes of the previous meetings
Minutes of the Full Council and the Extraordinary meetings held on 12 March 2018, having been circulated previously, were unanimously agreed and thus signed by the Chairman as a true record.

29.18 Declarations of Interest
Cllrs. Peacock declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 33.18 being Chair of the Village Hall Management Committee. Cllr Howell & Cllr Rayner declared an interest in item 35:18 as they had expenses cheques to be approved. *The Clerk advised there was no need for Cllrs to declare an interest in the Finance section for expenses as it is a reimbursement of monies expended on the Councils behalf.

30.18 Public Voice – None

31.18 District and County Councillors Reports – District Cllr. Alan Coley’s report was read out.

(a) A recent independent review says Tendring District Council (TDC) is “ambitious” and “punching above its weight.” In its feedback, the LGA Peer Review team said TDC “are actually better than the story you are telling. TDC is having a significant and positive impact right across its District.”
(b) From summer 2019, households will have a black 180-litre wheelie bin for their residual (non-recycling) waste, which will be collected fortnightly. Existing recycling arrangements will remain unchanged, as will weekly food waste collections. Households unsuitable for wheelie bins, such as some terraced properties and flats, will have a weekly black bag collection. Cllr Coley advised that residents who can’t physically manage a wheelie bin, arrangements would be made.

(c) Free compost will be available to collect from West End Lane car park in May. The event is being held on Saturday, May 12, from 11am to 3pm and all you have to do is to turn up with some sturdy bags and your own spade to get your share, which is restricted to one average car boot full.
(d) Partners have agreed to look at short-term solutions to improve congestion at the Manningtree railway crossing. Local partners agreed to put together a proposal to lobby government on the matter and to seek a funding contribution from Whitehall towards creating a business case for a scheme at the site. Cllr Coley stated this was the first time there had been a discussion on this matter which was very encouraging.
(e) Clacton Airshow is on 23/24th August with an evening event on the 23rd.
County Cllr Carlo Guglielmi was not present to give a report.

32.18 Matters arising from previous minutes – none

33.18 Councillors to report on meetings attended
(a) TDALC – Cllr Rayner had attended this meeting and gave a brief synopsis on the matters raised and discussed. These were highlighted as Planning Policy. Grant accessibility and GDPR. The next meeting is in May.
(b) MITHRAS – Cllr Rayner had met with Mr Hartley, Chair of MITHRAS regarding issues such as inconsiderate parking and speeding which were sympathised with, although explained that the Parish Council has no jurisdiction in these matters.
(c) Fun at the Furze – The Committee has met and preparations are underway ready for this years event. Parking has been offered from Edme which is appreciated.
(d) VHC – as per Annual Assembly Report

34.18 Clerk’s Report
The Clerk read out her report, the points raised were:
One street light outage has been reported. The re-connection to the new street light o/s 26 California Road is in progress. Emergency works at the Village Hall to the public toilet door handles and the roof have been requested. GDPR – Parish Councils who can show they are working towards compliance by the 25th May do not need to rush to appoint a DPO. 1 new addition to the allotment waiting list. A complaint made to the ICO has been accepted.

35.18 Planning
(a) To consider any planning applications received since the Planning Committee Meeting: None
(b) To comment on any planning applications received after the agenda was prepared:
18/00631/TCA – 27 Seafield Avenue, Mistley – 1No. sycamore – reduce by 1/3 and 1 No. Oak – Fell. It was proposed to pass to the Tree Officer Action: refer to Tree Officer.

36.18 Finance

(a) To receive the summary of accounts for 2017/18 (available on the website in full)
Additional expenditure shown reflected staff costs for the cleaner at the Village Hall and play equipment although it was noted that costs relating to the Village Hall had decreased. Cllr Birch commented that the final figures needed to be transposed to the Annual Report. It was Proposed by Cllr Rayner and Seconded by Cllr Birch, all in favour.

(b) The following Standing Orders and Direct Debits have been paid since the previous meeting:
J Hinson £563.33 (salary – March)
A and J Lighting £1440.00(Bi-annual service of street lights)
Canon UK £19.20 (photocopier)

(c) The following payments were approved at the Finance Committee Meeting:
A Lee £694.72 (salary – March)
R Ling £103.70 (salary – March)
B Forrester £147.10 (wages – March)
HMR and Customs £312.36 (PAYE and NI – March)
Bruce Landscapes £472.62 (work in to play area and at The Walls)
A Lee £1225.00 (reimbursement of telephone and broadband costs)
Wesource £320.00 (maintenance of Church yard)

(d) Payments presented for approval at this meeting:
Cllr C Howell £16.70 (Cllr’s expenses)
E.A.L.C. £562.92 (affiliation fee)
R Gwinnell and Son £630.40 (Cemetery management fee)
Manningtree T.C. £1108.08 (Share of Cemetery excess income)
TW Logistics £25.00 (allotment rent)
E.ON Energy (Direct Debit) £6902.69 (street lights energy)
V Pretty £50.00 (internal audit fee)

(e) To consider invoices received after the Agenda was prepared.
K Palmer £691.73 (salary and allowances – April)
R Ling £103.70 (salary – April)
B Forrester (117.60 (wages – April)
HMRC £277.19 (PAYE and NI – April)
Wesource £400 (churchyard maintenance)
EALC £50 for GDPR (training)
VHC £100 (safety light)
Cllr Rayner £79.16 (expenses)

Cllr Birch proposed that the cheques be approved and signed, all in favour. Cllr Peacock & Cllr Rayner did not take part in the vote.

37.18 Correspondence
(a) Noted the following items received:
(i) Essex County Council Temporary Traffic Regulation Order of New Road & High Street & Harwich Road & Jenkins Hill & Brickmans Hill & Ship Hill & Station Road, Mistley. Commencing 17/05/2018 for 8 days between 10am – 3pm.
(ii) Kier Services – A120 Wix to Ramsey, night closures for five nights, from Monday 23 April, 9pm until 6am. A full closure of the road in both directions between Wix roundabout and Ramsey roundabout will take place.
(iii) Request for information relating to wheelie bin scheme roll-out.
(iv) Report of concern for the historic fingerpost at the junction of Harwich Road/Mistley Heath turning. The Clerk has reported this to ECC with photos. Cllr Coley agreed the TDC Rangers would be interested.
(v) Email from Stour Sailing Club regarding erosion of the bank along The Walls.

(b) Considered the following items received since the Agenda was posted. None.

38.18 Commemoration of 100th Anniversary of WW1 – Members discussed the siting of the “Tommy” figure and it was agreed to place it on the Memorial Island. RESOLVED. Clerk to Action.

39.18 Independent Remuneration Panel Report – The contents of the report were noted after a brief discussion.

40.18 Request for Temporary Site Office in VH Car Park – Members discussed the request which was made with financial compensation for the inconvenience to the Parish. It was proposed by Cllr Rayner to accept this offer, all Cllrs were in favour. RESOLVED: To accept the offer from Futureway Homes on the basis that parking would not be disrupted. Action: Clerk

41.18 Request for Memorial Bench along The Walls – RESOLVED: To invite the applicant to have a plaque placed on the bench allocated for this purpose. Clerk to action.

42.18 Request for Memorial to commemorate the lives of those persecuted for Witchcraft – Members discussed the request and Cllr Coley advised that MTC were supporting the request also. The Chairman asked for some Members to take this forward and report back. Cllrs Kent & Burton agreed to. Clerk to place on the next Agenda. Action: Cllrs Burton & Kent.

43.18 Dates of Meetings 2018/19 – Members discussed the draft set of dates provided by the Clerk. It was agreed to change evening Meeting to start at 7.30pm and cancel the forthcoming Finance Committee Meeting on the 12th May as it was not needed.

44.18 Dates of next meetings, all in the Village Hall

Planning Committee Thursday 10th May at 7.30pm
Annual Council Meeting Monday 21st May at 7.00pm
Full Council Monday 21st May at 7.30pm
There being no further business the Vice-Chairman closed the meeting at 20.55.