Minutes 22 May 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council’s Annual Meeting held on 22 May 2017 in the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 19.00

Present Cllrs. Birch, Burton, Carter, Chaplin, Fairhall, French, Howell, Peacock and Rayner. D. Cllr. Coley, C. Cllr. Guglielmi and 3 Members of the Public. Mr. R. Ling (Responsible Finance Officer) and Mr. A. Lee (Clerk)

38.17 Election of Chairman
It was proposed by Cllr. Birch and seconded by Cllr. Peacock that Cllr. Rayner be appointed as Chairman. There being no other nominations Cllr. Rayner was appointed Chairman of the Council for 2017-2018.

39.17 Apologies for absence
There were none.

40.17 Election of Vice-Chairman
It was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr. Carter that Cllr. Birch be appointed as Vice-Chairman. There being no other nominations Cllr. Birch was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Council for 2017-2018.

41.17 Reviewed the appointments to Committees, Working Parties and outside organisations:

(a) Finance Committee – Chairman and Cllrs. Birch, Fairhall, Howell and Peacock – appointments confirmed and Cllr. French also appointed.

(b) Planning – it was confirmed that all Councillors would be members.

(c) Tendring District Association of Local Councils – Chairman and Cllr. Birch – appointments confirmed.

(d) Essex Association of Local Councils – Chairman – appointment confirmed.

(e) Transport and Community Rail Partnership – Cllr. Chaplin appointed.

(f) Trustees of Rigby and Berry Charity – Chairman and Cllr. Birch – appointments confirmed.

(g) Footpath Representative – Keith Garwood – appointment confirmed.

(h) Tree Warden – Alison Mercer – appointment confirmed.

(i) Village Hall Management Committee – Cllrs. Birch and Peacock – appointments confirmed.

(j) Welcome Home Field Trustee – Cllrs. Carter and Howell appointed as Trustees and it was noted that Cllr. Birch was continuing a three-year Trusteeship.

(k) Manningtree and Mistley Cemetery Committee – Chairman and Cllr. Fairhall – appointments confirmed and Cllr. Burton also appointed.

(l) Tendring Older People’s Forum – Cllr. Carter appointed.

(m) Tendring District Council Resilience Committee – Cllr. French appointed.

Items (a) to (m) – Chairman proposed and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk

42.17 Minutes of the previous meetings
The minutes of the meetings held on 30 March and 24 April 2017, having been circulated previously, were agreed as true records. Proposed Chairman, seconded Cllr. Birch, approved unanimously and signed by the Chairman.

43.17 Declarations of Interest
The Chairman declared a pecuniary interest in Item 49.17 (b).

44.17 Public Voice

(a) C. Cllr. Guglielmi provided a report from Essex County Council. The recent County Council Election had resulted in an increased majority for the Conservative group. C. Cllr. Guglielmi had been re-elected and was now Chairman of Planning. The County Council’s Recycling Scheme which included electrical items that can be re-used, was up for an award. A cancer awareness campaign particularly lung cancer, had been launched to make people to look out for signs. The public consultation about the Lower Thames Crossing had received over 40,000 responses, with the third option favoured of a link in to the M25 and junction 29 and 30. The Chairman congratulated C. Cllr. Guglielmi on his re-election as a County Councillor.

(b) The Chairman enquired about the long delay in getting the 30 mph roundels repaired or replaced along The Walls and New Road. The Chairman suggested this could be dealt with by the Highway Rangers Service. C. Cllr. Guglielmi explained that there was a new Cabinet Member for Highways, but who was unlikely to change the current system. The Chairman asked about when the worn away road markings in South Street in Manningtree would be painted. C. Cllr. Guglielmi explained that this would be done along with the re-surfacing. The Chairman added that the access down by the quay needed to be resolved. C. Cllr. Guglielmi offered to arrange a surgery meeting with the Cabinet Member about these issues. Cllr. Howell enquired about the proposals for Manningtree Railway Bridge. Cllr. Carter raised concern on behalf of local residents who had not received notification about the recycling collection calendar. C. Cllr. Guglielmi explained that he had asked the Tendring District Council Officer to look into the matter.

(c) D. Cllr. Coley provided a report from Tendring District Council. There was little to report at this time. The impending General Election has had a restricting influence. The Local Plan is nearing its completion. There will be a full District Council Members’ Briefing on the plan on the 25 May followed by a full public meeting on the 12 June. Two of Tendring’s main holiday beaches at Brightlingsea and Dovercourt have retained their prestigious European Blue Flags this year while Frinton Beach; Harwich Beach; Martello Bay, Clacton; Walton’s Naze Beach and Walton’s Albion Beach have collected Seaside Awards for 2017. All the awards are seen as a significant boost for the District’s tourist trade with the announcement coming just before the start of the main season. The Chairman thanked D. Cllr. Coley for his liaison with Essex Police concerning recent arson events.

(d) Clarifying the procedure for calling in planning applications, C. Cllr. Guglielmi explained that Town and Parish Councils needed to alert either himself or D. Cllr. Coley as soon as the planning application had been received by the Clerk.

45.17 Matters arising from previous minutes

(a) Item 06.17 (b) – Play Equipment Working Party – (i) The Chairman reported that the removal of old equipment and installation of new equipment had commenced. Cllr. French reported that stage two of the grant application from Veolia had been reached with a decision expected in early-June and also that there was an outstanding grant application with Tesco. (ii) The Chairman explained that the best quotation for the goal mouth equipment had come from Playdale for about £5,758, which included matting to prevent grass damage. It was agreed that the Council would not commit to a contract until the outcome of the other grant applications.

(b) Item 17.17 – Manningtree and Mistley Welcome Home and Memorial Fund – The Clerk explained that Sue Sheppard from Rural Community Council of Essex had provided advice about the structure of the Trust and the steps necessary to make any changes. It was suggested that the Trustees may find it useful if she attended one of their meetings to explain the Scheme and for Trusttee representatives from both Councils to attend that meeting. It was agreed that the Clerk organise a joint meeting with Manningtree Town Council to discuss the Trust with Sue Sheppard.

Cllr. Birch reported on the problem with the drainage and flooding at the Welcome Home Field. The railway culvert system had blocked during the winter with water coming out between the Cricket Club and Bowls Club. Network Rail had replaced 100 metres of pipes of the railway culvert system. Drainage pipes which carry water from underground streams had become blocked and had come out onto the footpath in New Road. Highways had identified the location of four blockages free of charge. Rose Builders had unblocked the pipes.

(c) Item 86.16 – Memorial Island – The Clerk had received notice from UK Power Networks about the disconnection of the power supply during the week commencing 29 May. Cllr. Birch suggested that the new tree could be planted in a different place on Memorial Island and the seating remain in place. Following a discussion, it was provisionally agreed: that the new tree be planted between the seating and the back of the War Memorial. It was also provisionally agreed: to leave both the seating and the Village Sign in their current positions. The Chairman asked Councillors to e-mail and telephone him with any further ideas.

46.17 Councillors to report on meetings attended
(a) Family Fun At The Furze – Cllr. Rayner provided an update from a joint meeting of the Chairmen of the three Councils.

47.17 Clerk’s Report
The Clerk reported that there had been no outages of streetlights. Following clearance work by railway allotment tenants, there was a need to remove non-organic waste. It was agreed that the Parish Council would pay to remove this waste. Unfortunately, there had been several arson attacks in the woodland at Furze Hill and also at the Secret Bunker site. The Clerk now had the direct contact details of the owner and perimeter fencing was going to be erected around the site. A damaged gate post at the Mistley Place Footpath had been reported to Tendring District Council for repair. The Clerk had enquired with Network Rail UK about concern for the safety of a fence near to the railway bridge on New Road. The new lease for the Rugby Club was near to being finalised. The time period for submitting an expression of interest for the second casual vacancy expired on 25 May and the selection interviews could take place following the Planning Committee meeting on 1 June.

48.17 Planning
(a) Considered the following planning applications received since Agenda prepared:

(i) 16/00057/ENFORC – Notification of the appointment of an Inspector under Schedule 6 to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to determine the appeal concerning 3 Lane Cottage, The Green. Noted that the Pubic Inquiry to take place on 13 June 2017 – Clerk to re-send Parish Council’s Objection Chairman proposed, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk

(ii) 17/00817/TELLIC – Install high speed broadband cabinet side of 26 Harwich Road – Information Only – Noted.

(iii) 17/00805/TCA – 3 No. Ilex – 40% reduction including lifting and shape, 1 No. Pinus Sylvestris – lift and shape, and 1 No. Fraxinus Exclessior – fell at 62 Harwich Road – No Comment – defer to Tree Officer Chairman proposed, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk

49.17 Finance

(a) Noted the following Direct Debits have been paid since the last meeting:
A and J Lighting £2765.51 Biennial inspection and service of all street lights.

(b) Approved the following payments:
Tendring District Council £63.71 (emptying dog litter bin)
E.A.L.C. £25.00 (seminar fee)
Wesource £400.00 (Church yard maintenance)
Chairman £450.00 (Chairman’s annual allowance)
A Lee £115.13 (stationery and postage expenses)
HM Revenue and Customs £428.12 (back-dated income tax and NICS)
(Cllr. Rayner did not participate and left the room during this decision) Vice-Chairman proposed, Cllr. Peacock seconded and agreed unanimously.

(c) Noted that HM Revenue and Customs will no longer accept cheques for payment of PAYE tax and National Insurance contributions from employees. In future payments must either be by Bank Transfer, or by debit or credit cards. The Responsible Finance Officer to provide an update.

(d) Considered whether to make a grant in principle to the Mistley Kids Club for repairs to equipment that is critical to the care of children with special needs. Following a discussion, the Chairman proposed that there be no further comment on this item until the position was clarified.

(e) Considered whether to renew the subscription to the Campaign to Protect Rural England and agreed unanimously to cease subscription. Action: Clerk

50.17 Correspondence

(a) Considered and agreed to participate in short survey for the National Association of Local Councils. Action: Clerk

(b) Agreed to the Rotary Club of Manningtree Stour Valley’s request for permission to use Furze Hill Recreation Ground as the finish for the Mayflower Run on Sunday 28 May. Action: Clerk

(c) Agreed to the Manningtree Business Chamber’s request for permission to use part of the greensward on The Walls for stalls on Saturday 12 August during the Regatta. Action: Clerk

51.17 Dates of next meetings all at 19.00 in the Village Hall

Planning Committee Thursday 1 June 2017
Planning Committee Thursday 22 June 2017
Full Council Monday 3 July 2017
Planning Committee Thursday 20 July 2017

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 20.58.