Minutes 14 August 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council’s Meeting held on 14 August 2017 in the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 19.00

Present Cllrs. Birch, Fairhall, French, Howell, Kent, Peacock and Rayner. C. Cllr. Guglielmi and two Members of the Public. Mr. R. Ling (Responsible Finance Officer) and Mr. A. Lee (Clerk)

66.17 Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from D. Cllr. Coley, Cllrs. Burton, Carter and Howell. The Chairman expressed that the best wishes of the Council be conveyed to D. Cllr. Coley who is undergoing medical treatment.

67.17 Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 3 July 2017, having been circulated previously, were agreed as a true record. Proposed Chairman, seconded Cllr. Peacock, were approved unanimously, and signed by the Chairman.

68.17 Declarations of Interest
Cllrs. Birch and Carter declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 70.17 (b) (both Trustees); Cllr. Rayner declared an interest in item 74.17 (e) (a payee); and Cllr. Carter declared an interest in item 75.17 (a) (a signatory and a resident of Shrubland Road).

69.17 Public Voice

(a) The Chairman explained that Tony Clements had sent his apologies for not attending the meeting to provide a presentation about the proposed Clacton Stages Rally 2018 Consultation, but would attend the September meeting instead.

(b) D. Cllr. Guglielmi provided a report from Tendring District Council. Sports and leisure centres across Tendring are encouraging families to get moving this summer as part of of the nationwide Change4Life initiative which aims to prevent people becoming overweight by encouraging them to eat better and move more. Within each session children do a ten-minute shake up activity and there is a different one each week. Manningtree Sports Centre is putting on a sporting challenge circuit training session from 16.30 to 17.00 on Wednesdays. The two-year ‘Resorting to the Coast’ project launches at the end of August and aims to highlight the historic seaside heritage of Tendring’s coastal towns with help from The Grand Theatre of Lemmings Theatre Company. Four more exciting aircraft have been unveiled for this year’s Clacton Airshow. An MiG-15 and Strikemaster will be appearing on both days of the event on August 24 and 25 while the P-51Mustang is taking part on the first day and the Hawker Hurricane on the Friday. Tendring District Council’s Regeneration Team is sending out a short survey to get a better understanding of companies’ needs and aspirations. The survey can be accessed at: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/?sm=r8_2BeyjOoHBQGTMz8qC_2FQgQ_3D_3D

(c) Cllr. Rayner asked C. Cllr. Guglielmi about the possibility of wheelie bins being introduced which was reported in the local press and expressed concerns about the negative visual impact that this would have in the locality, problem of storage and the logistical problem of collection. C. Cllr. Guglielmi explained that the current seven-year refuse contract was about £4.5 million and this was likely to rise to £6 million, so it was going to be difficult to gauge where cuts will be made, but residents would be consulted. Town and Parish Councils could exercise the option of raising their precepts, but this would require the consultation with and consent of ratepayers. The notion of introducing wheelie bins could help to reduce the number of collections to make savings.

(d) C. Cllr. Guglielmi provided a report from Essex County Council. Essex County Council received 2,795 responses to the consultation on five potential route options for an upgrade to the current single carriageway A120 between Braintree and the A12. The Council is analysing the responses before it gives a recommendation for a preferred route option to the Government in the autumn. However, Option C and Option E are the most popular first choices for 29% and 27% of respondents respectively. These were followed by Option A (17%), Option D (14%) and Option B (13%). 82% of people agreed that the A120 between Braintree and the A12 needed to be completely upgraded to a dual carriageway. Major advances in tackling the skills shortage in Essex have been revealed in a key report unveiled by the Essex Employment and Skills Board, which identifies priority sectors in the local economy and provides key information on skills needs and challenges. Adult Community Learning new course guide has been published, packed full of a mix of creative, accredited and general interest courses all with the aim of helping learners to develop new interests, qualifications and careers. Enrolment by telephone on 0345 603 7635 or via http://www.aclessex.com/ Not all courses are listed in the course guide so for a full programme of learning opportunities visit the ACL website. Pupils, parents and teachers are being encouraged to put inspirational school staff forward for much-deserved recognition after nominations opened for the 2018 Essex Teaching Awards, which are run by Essex County Council. Nominations will close on Friday 17 November 2017. For more information about the Essex Teaching Awards or to make a nomination, please visit www.essex.gov.uk/teachingawards. Children and young people in care in Essex are set to benefit from a new approach to residential care following a £3million boost from the Department for Education’s Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme. Drivers are being warned to expect delays later this month as thousands of festival-goers head to V Festival in Chelmsford.

70.17 Matters arising from previous minutes

(a) Item 61.17 – Half-Pipe Skateboard Ramp – damage incurred to child’s clothing – after discussing the matter, it was agreed unanimously to decline the request in line with a decision made in a similar instance in 2015. Since the previous meeting, the Chairman and Cllr. French had examined the equipment and secured the surface. It was proposed to monitor the equipment and if there was further damage then it would be fenced off. Cllr. Birch expressed concern about further damage occurring as the site had become a meeting place for a gang.

(b) Item 17.17 – Manningtree and Mistley Welcome Home and Memorial Fund – Cllr. Birch provided a summary of the Trust’s meeting held on 7 August. The Trust rejected the sole trustee option, but would pursue the option of a lease arrangement with either Manningtree Town Council or Mistley Parish Council.

71.17 Councillors to report on meetings attended

(a) Stour and Orwell Forum – Cllr. Rayner reported that the topics included: Marine Plan for off-shore; access around the Stour and Orwell; Coastal Path; lottery bid about tree work; archaeological studies associated with UK Power Networks’ new cables to Felixstowe and Harwich; and the Arthur Ransome connection.

(b) Lawford Parish Council’s Q&A session with Chief Inspector Cole – Cllr. Rayner reported that the audience was informed that focus was now on priority crime. It was suggested by Chief Inspector Cole that incidents should be reported via the online system or the Essex Police Facebook, as the 101 service was ineffective. Concern was raised about the issue of crimes being reported and not being followed up.

(c) Tendring District Association of Local Councils – Cllr. Rayner reported that there was an update about funding transparency and numerous complaints about the proposed car rally (69.17 (a)).

72.17 Clerk’s Report
The Clerk reported that the General Data Protection Regulation would come into force on 25 May 2018 and preparations would need to made to ensure compliance. The National Association of Local Councils would be providing further guidance while the Essex Association of Local Councils was organizing awareness events. The insurance policy was up for renewal and the new play equipment would need to be added. The clothing recycling bank provider’s request for approval for a three-year service level agreement was approved. The Colchester Cyclo-Cross Club’s request for permission to use Furze Hill on 22 October subject to the usual conditions, was agreed unanimously. The Clerk agreed to circulate Affinity Water’s Drought Management Plan to Members. A request received from the National Citizen Service was discussed and it was agreed that the volunteers could pick litter at Furze Hill. The casual vacancy had been re-advertised on the Council’s noticeboards, website, plus Facebook. Action: Clerk

73.17 Planning
The Chairman thanked the Vice-Chairman for chairing the Planning Committee meeting held on 10 August.

(a) Considered the following planning applications received:

(i) 17/01330/FUL and 17/01331/LBC – Alterations and extension to Kowloon, The Green – Neutral – No Comment – Chairman proposed, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk

(ii) 17/01356/TCA – 1 No. Himalayan Birch – Fell. 1 No. Holly – Trimmed / Shaped. Honeysuckle to also be trimmed and removed from Holly – No Comment – defer to Tree Officer – Chairman proposed, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk

74.17 Finance

(a) Noted that the External Auditor has audited the accounts for 2016/17 and has approved them without comment.

(b) Noted that the Internal Auditor has audited the accounts for the first quarter of 2017/18 and has approved them with one comment viz: “no grant should be given without the recipient first requesting it in writing” This refers to a grant given to The Hub after an oral request made during Public Voice at the meeting on 13 March 2017 and approved at the meeting on 24 April. Clerk to ensure that all requests for a grant are received in writing. Action: Clerk

(c) Noted the following Direct Debits have been paid since the last meeting:
J Hinson £563.33 (salary – July)
A and J Lighting £529.01 and £80.94 (street lights maintenance)

(d) Noted the following cheques have been signed since the last meeting:
R Ling £103.70 (salary – July) A Lee £694.72 (salary – July)
B Forrester £117.60 (wages – July)
R Ling £305.56 (Debit Card payment of income tax and N.I. – July)
Affinity Water £20.28 (supply to Swan Basin)

(e) Approved the following payments:
Wesource £880.00 (Church yard maintenance) P Liverton £570.00 (grass cutting)
M Rayner £19.99 (purchase of white lining paint) PKF Littlejohn £360.00 (external audit)
Colne Contracts Ltd £2583.40 (repairs to Furze Hill Car Park)
Bruce Landscapes £114.00 (various works to Children’s Playground)
Premier Signs £80.40 (Children’s Playground and Disabled Parking at Furze Hill)
(Cllr. Rayner did not vote on this item) Vice-Chairman proposed and agreed unanimously.

(f) Considered and it was agreed unanimously that quotation received for:

(i) updating the Village Hall CCTV system submitted by GCS Limited be accepted. Action: Chairman

(ii) repairing the footpath along Church Lane from the Parish Church to the railway bridge submitted by Colne Contracts Limited be accepted. Action: Chairman

(iii) further repairs to fencing at the Railway Allotments submitted by Bruce Landscapes be accepted. Action:Clerk

(g) Considered and approved unanimously the following sums to requests for a grant: (i) £300 for Suffolk Accident Rescue Service; (ii) £200 for Acorn Village; and (iii) £100 for Stour Sailing Club.

75.17 Correspondence

(a) Considered a letter signed by residents from Shrubland Road and Rosewood Park who complained about speeding vehicles and requested that traffic calming speed humps and signage be installed in Shrubland Road. A resident had also reported two instances of speeding vehicles on 4 August. The Council noted that there was no supporting data on the number of vehicles that go along Shrubland Road and also that there had been no suggestions as to whereabouts speed humps be sited or the number required. Cllr. Carter explained that there is one particular vehicle which speeds down Shrubland Road about once or twice a week, but residents had not yet been successful in obtaining details to report to Essex Police. The responsibility for the cost of maintaining Shrubland Road rests with the frontagers. Legal advice provided by the National Association of Local Councils confirmed that a Parish Council may undertake the repair of a footpath. Essex Highways confirmed that the width of the footpath extended across the full width of Shrubland Road. The Parish Council had agreed to pay for the footpath to be repaired and subsequently the remedial work was completed during the first week of January 2017. However, the responsibility for the cost of installing and maintaining speed humps signs and lighting would be for the frontagers. Advice was sought from Essex Highways about whether there are any restrictions on installing traffic calming measures along a Private Street which also happens to be a footpath. Essex Highways has advised that there is a procedure for installing speed humps which would need to conform with the Road Hump Regulations 1999. Public consultation would be required also including with Essex Highways, Tendring District Council, Fire and Ambulance Services and Essex Police. The Chairman proposed and it was agreed unanimously that the Council just note the correspondence on the matter. It was suggested that the residents of Shrubland Road may wish to establish the extent of the problem with a speed and volume survey before considering an expensive measure such as installing speed humps, signs and lighting. Clerk to write to the signatories. Cllr. Carter did not vote on this item. Action: Clerk

(b) Noted that it was proposed that there should be three District Councillors to represent Lawford, Manningtree and Mistley in the Local Government Boundary Commission’s final recommendations.

(c) Noted Passenger Transport’s bus consultation to address reliability issues on Service 2, which results in some minor timing changes which will come into effect from 24 September 2017.

76.17 Dates of next meetings all at 19.00 in the Village Hall

Planning Committee Thursdays 31 August and 21 September 2017
Full Council Monday 25 September 2017

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 21.05.