Minutes 13th August 2018

Minutes of Mistley Parish Council’s Meeting held on 13th August 2018 in the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 19.30

Present: Cllrs. M. Rayner (Chair), A. Birch (Vice-Chairman), B. Burton, G. Carter, F. Fairhall, J. Chaplin, F. Kent and I. Peacock.

Also: Kate Palmer, Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer.
There were 2 members of the public.

95:18 Apologies for absence – RESOLVED: It was unanimously agreed to accept the apologies from Cllr Howell.

96.18 Minutes of the previous meetings – RESOLVED: The Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd July 2018, having been circulated previously, were, following the amendment to the time of the commencement of the meeting and the amendment to Item 82:18 from Planning Inspector to a Meeting of the TDC Planning Department, agreed as a true record of the Meeting. Proposed by Cllr Rayner & Seconded by Cllr Fairhall.

97.18 Declarations of Interest – Cllr Birch & Carter declared their interest in Item 108:18 as current Trustees of the Welcome Home Field. Cllr Peacock declared a non-pecuniary interest in Item 24 due to a family member being part of the Football Club.

98.18 Public Voice – Mr Dave Blackiston addressed the Council on the work and scope of the Harwich & District Speed Watch Partnership within Tendring. The Partnership has recently extended into Mistley and operates with the support of volunteers and a PCSO.

99.18 District & County Councillors Reports – No Councillors were present but a report to be emailed on by the Clerk.

100:18 Matters arising from previous minutes – Cllr Birch asked about the AONB response – Clerk to chase a response – and the response to a resident regards parking around The Green – Clerk to chase a response.

101:18 Councillors to report on meetings attended:
(a) Persecuted Witches Memorial – no update.
(b) TDALC – no update.
(c) Tri-Parish Emergency Plan – a Meeting has been arranged for September.

Cllr Rayner advised he had met with the owners of Mistley Place Park at their request to hear their ideas for the future but could not give any information to Councillors due to commercial confidentiality.

102.18 Clerk’s Report – Members discussed the report previously distributed.

(i) Cllr Rayner raised the concern that Barclays have a system of merging accounts where signatories are on the same accounts and the Clerk would end up being a signatory which was not recommended. It was agreed to only have internet access for the Clerk checking the account and to not proceed with Dual Authorisation due to the vulnerabilities in Barclays security system.
(ii) Clerk to chase the access to the new Allotment site and the Chairman to meet with the Developer to discuss the issue of large vehicles accessing the site via Rigby Avenue and Middlefield Road.
(iii) Members discussed the issue of having a Parish Office. Clerk to check with TDC on the S106 agreement for the Hopkins Home to see if it can be amended to allow for a Parish Office and place on the next Agenda.
103:18 Finance – Proposed by Cllr Rayner and Seconded by Cllr Burton to accept the payments below for approval. All in favour.
(a) Payments made prior to the Meeting:
Wesource £1,200 – churchyard maintenance
K Palmer £105.55 – play area inspections
B Forrester £119.50 – salary June
K Palmer £742.26 – salary June

(b) Payments for approval with the Agenda
K Palmer £389.98 – office equipment
Wesource £100 – churchyard maintenance
Canon UK £97.20 – service contract May-July
Friends of Historic Essex £12 – membership
B Forrester £119.50 – salary July
K Palmer £742.26 – salary July
J Hinson £563.33 – salary July
K Palmer £143.70 – mileage/postage
F Fairhall £18.90 – mileage

104.18 Churchyard – Members discussed the issue of the maintenance at the Churchyard. Clerk to obtain prices from Livertons for the work and put on the next Agenda.

105:18 Village Hall Bins – Clerk to meet with TDC to discuss the potential siting of new, bigger bins to replace the existing ones.

106:18 Fencing Around Play Area – The Clerk advised quotes were still outstanding. Cllr Kent questioned the necessity of the work and Cllr Rayner advised the fence was worn and dilapidated and at present quotes were being sought to support the discussion.

107:18 S106 Allocation – Deferred to the next Meeting.

108:18 Welcome Home Field – Deferred to the next Meeting.

109:18 Swan Basin Painting – The Clerk advised the price quoted was £550+VAT. Cllr Rayner Proposed the quote be accepted, Cllr Carter Seconded, all in favour. Clerk to instruct the builders to go ahead. The Clerk further advised the works to the brickwork is due to start next week.

110:18 Litter Picking Safety Equipment – Members discussed the need for the equipment and Cllr Rayner advised he will raise at the next TDALC Meeting to have road signs as an item other Parishes can use/share. Cllr Rayner proposed the purchase of 20 high-vis jackets and a personalised one for the Handyman. Seconded by Cllr Peacock. All in favour.

111:18 Parish Special Constables Scheme – The Clerk gave the Meeting an overview of the Scheme. The Clerk was tasked to advise Lawford & Manningtree that Mistley wishes to be part of Tri-Parish approach and report back next steps.

112:18 Online Tourist Video – Members discussed the issue broadly. Cllr Rayner proposed a Working Party be set up to discuss the issue in conjunction with Item 114:18. Cllr Rayner, Cllr Kent and Cllr Burton to look at the issue and declined to be involved with the original suggestion from Manningtree Town Council.

113:18 New Printer/Copier – The Clerk advised that there was a need to purchase a new machine as a matter of urgency due to the break-down of the existing one. The cost of £389.98 was Proposed by Cllr Rayner and Seconded by Cllr Birch. All in favour.

114:18 New Resident Leaflet – To be discussed as part of Item 112:18.

115:18 Personnel Committee – Members discussed the Terms of Reference and raised some queries. On the basis that amendments can be made in the future, it was agreed to adopt the Terms of Reference and Cllr Fairhall, Cllr Howell, Cllr Chaplin and Cllr Kent to be adopted as Committee Members. Proposed by Cllr Rayner and Seconded by Cllr Burton Carried by a majority.

116:18 Internal Audit – Deferred to the next meeting.

117:18 Affordable Housing – No update.

118:18 Request for Funding Ramsey & Mistley FC – Deferred to the next meeting.

119:18 VAS Sign along The Walls – Deferred to the next meeting.

120:18 To appoint a Working Party to make an application to the Local Services Fund for a Village Gardener – Deferred to the next Meeting.

121:18 EALC Training Session – Dates were discussed, Clerk to submit to EALC for their consideration and report back.

122:18 Wild Bird Signs along The Walls – Deferred to the next Meeting.

123:18 Date of Next Full Council Meeting – Monday 24th September at 7.30pm.

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.43pm.