Minutes 11 December 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council’s Meeting held on 11 December 2017 in the Village Hall, Shrubland Road at 19.00

Present Cllrs. Birch, Burton, Carter, Chaplin, Fairhall, French, Howell, Kent, Peacock and Rayner. Four Members of the Public and Mr. A. Lee (Clerk)

104.17 Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from D. Cllr. Coley, C. Cllr. Guglielmi and Mr. R. Ling (Responsible Finance Officer)

105.17 Minutes of the previous meetings
Minutes of the meeting held on 6 November 2017, having been circulated previously, were agreed as a true record. Proposed Chairman, seconded Cllr. Peacock, were approved unanimously, and signed by the Chairman.

106.17 Declarations of Interest
Cllrs. Birch, Carter, Peacock and Rayner declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 115.17 (d) (members of the Village Hall Management Committee) – Clerk allowed a dispensation. Cllr. Carter declared an interest in item 115.17 (f) (member of the Mistley Rugby Club)

107.17 Public Voice
(a) The Chairman read the main points from D. Cllr. Coley’s report from Tendring District Council. Latest calculations reveal that Tendring currently has a housing land supply of 6.2 years which can be used to defend against unnecessary and speculative developments at appeal. Residents are being reminded that grant funding is available to help them reduce their energy bills. Aran Services Limited, supported by Tendring District Council, is offering free and partially funded energy efficiency improvements. Anyone interested can book a free no obligation assessment by calling Aran Services Ltd on 01284 812570 or Freephone 0800 5877795 quoting reference TDC/17.1. D. Cllr Coley had intervened on behalf of residents to enquire with Planning Enforcement about whether the height in the original or the approved planning application has now been exceeded in respect of the former Secret Bunker at Shrubland Road.
(b) A member of the public, a co-owner of the company which had submitted a planning application (17/02015/FUL – item 114.17 (a) (vi) below) addressed the Council to explain the details.

108.17 Matters arising from previous minutes
(a) Item 97.17 – recovery of costs – the Chairman provided an update on the action in the Small Claims Court to recover the costs. Following a discussion, it was agreed unanimously that the Council engage in mediation to resolve the matter. Action: Responsible Finance Officer and Clerk
(b) Item 101.17 (g) (i) – donation to Essex Wildlife Trust’s Appeal – the Clerk reported that the bid had been as successful and a cheque had been sent by the Responsible Finance Officer.

109.17 Councillors to report on meetings attended
(a) Tendring Local Highways Panel – Cllr. French provided a report on this training event held by Tendring District Council. The Clerk provided a note on the subjects covered and the resources and guidance available on Essex County Council’s website.
(b) Local Community Resilience Workshop – Cllr. French reported on the Local Community Resilience Workshop, which provided an update on: recent events; a Cold Weather Alert Reminders; Coastal Survey; Evacuation Planning; and Rest Centre Follow-up.
(c) Transport Representative’s Report – Cllr. Chaplin reported on a meeting about the railway service, which provided news about: new trains which would have better access for people with disabilities; maintenance work being undertaken during the Christmas holiday period; closure of ticket offices; and the railway workshop sited at Brantham.

110.17 Traffic and Parking Issues: discussion of concerns and consider possible measures to take
Cllr. Fairhall led the discussion, having provided a paper setting out a list of concerns and possible measures to be taken to counter the increasing volume of traffic and parking in Mistley. Cllr. Fairhall argued that Essex County Council needed to allow more money to repair and maintain the local highways, as it was critical for the mobility of everyone. The Chairman noted that Essex County Council only seemed to talk about access to the existing highways but did not consider the cumulative impact of the increasing volumes of vehicles from the new housing developments. Cllr. Howell expressed concern about the constant bottle-necks in New Road and the corresponding discourtesy of some drivers. The Chairman explained that residents in Norman Road, Oxford Road and The Park who were unable to find space in their road ended up parking in New Road. Cllr. Fairhall recalled that it had been many years since she and the Chairman had met the North Essex Parking Partnership about cars in Trinity Road and nothing had been done. The Chairman added that it had taken years to get the junction protection for Chapel Cut, Kerridge’s Cut and Brunswick Cut. Cllr. Howell referred to the increasing parking problem in Beckford Road and California Road, plus the blind spot at the railway bridge on Harwich Road. Cllr. Fairhall asked what could the Council do? Cllr. French replied that Essex County Council’s standard reply would be: all about the budget. The Local Highways Panel’s annual budget was currently £395,000 but this was for the whole of Essex. Cllr. Fairhall suggested that parking restriction orders could be sought and no parking areas demarcated. Cllrs. Peacock and Burton expressed their concerns about the appalling parking along Middlefield Road and Rigby Avenue where in some instances vehicles parked along the pavement. The Chairman added that the Police were no longer involved with parking enforcement. Cllrs. Burton and Chaplin confirmed that they had undertaken Speed Watch training of a speed gun, which they would use in a three-person team, once the Police had confirmed the locations of where it could be used. Manningtree Town Council had requested assistance with holding Speed Watch events. The following Action Points were agreed unanimously:
(1) Cllrs. Fairhall and Rayner to meet with colleagues from the Lawford Parish and Manningtree Town Councils about the subject; and
(2) consider the procuring and installing of Vehicle Activated Signs.

111.17 Considered a response to Essex County Council’s Order to divert Footpaths 10, 11 & 12 in the parish of Mistley and Footpaths 8, 11 & 12 in the parish of Bradfield.
The Parish Council discussed the proposed diversions and also considered the objections submitted by a local resident together with the concerns of Keith Garwood, the Parish Council’s Footpath Representative. The Parish Council agreed unanimously to object to the diversion of Footpath 12 in the parish of Mistley because of the reduction of enjoyment of the countryside and leisure facility together with particular concern about dogs straying through gaps in the boundary hedge along the Clacton Road. Action: Clerk

112.17 Family Fun on the Furze Update
The Chairman had attended a meeting of the Family Fun on the Furze Working Party and reported that the event would take place on Sunday 10 June 2018 between 12.00 and 18.00. There would be a mixture of stalls, music, demonstrations by local organisations and activities for children including a bouncy castle extravaganza with a cost of for a £5 all-day wristband. There would be no entrance fee, but voluntary contributions would be sought. Live music would be provided by local bands. Cllr. Burton had received enquiries from local residents about the provision of an evening event for adults. Cllr. Howell agreed that there was a need for more village events for people to get together and suggested that the Welcome Home Field could also be used as a future venue.

113.17 Clerk’s Report
The Clerk reported that one street light which was working intermittently had reported to the contractor for repair. Tendring District Council had sent notification about the refuse collection dates for the Christmas period which would be put up on the notice boards. The goalmouth play equipment had been installed by Playdale. The Clerk explained that following consideration of a Freedom of Information Act request, a response had been made to refuse it as a vexatious request. The requester had been informed that as part of the process, they could ask for a review of that decision. The Clerk explained the process which a public authority needs to take an internal review which would be by one of the members. There had been no response so far about the casual vacancy.

114.17 Planning

(a) Considered the following planning applications received:
(i) 17/01973/TCA – T1 Cedar – fell – replacement to be planted at Yaffles, School Lane – No Comment – defer to Tree Officer – Chairman proposed, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk
(ii) 17/02010/TCA – Removal of small tree next to the house and removal of an apple tree in poor condition in rear garden at 4 Elmdale Drive – No Comment – defer to Tree Officer – Chairman proposed, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk
(iii) 17/02028/TCA – 1 No. Silver Birch – fell at Appletree House, Barnfield – No Comment – defer to Tree Officer – Chairman proposed, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk
(iv) 17/01959/FUL – Single storey rear extension at 34 California Road – No Comment – Chairman proposed, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk.
(v) 17/02022/DETAIL – Reserved matters application following planning approval 16/01145/OUT for plots 3 and 4 at land adjacent to Church Farm, Heath Road – No Comment – Chairman proposed, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk.
(vi) 17/02015/FUL – Erection of 3 Bungalows with garages and associated parking facilities at land adjacent to The Forge, Heath Road – Neutral – Chairman proposed, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk.
(b) Considered the following planning application received after the agenda prepared:
(i) 17/02100/TCA – 1 No. Ornamental Cherry – fell at Yaffles, School Lane – No Comment – defer to Tree Officer – Chairman proposed, and agreed unanimously. Action: Clerk
(c) Noted that in respect of planning application 17/00004/OUT, the appointment of an Inspector under Schedule 6 to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 to determine the appeal concerning land to the rear of New Road. Noted that the Pubic Inquiry to take place on 9 January 2018, which the Chairman proposed to attend.

115.17 Finance
(a) Noted the recommendations of the Finance Committee which met on 9 December 2017 (a copy of the draft minutes was attached). The Committee had reviewed all expenditure and the projects taking place. The Chairman proposed the recommendation that there be no increase to the precept for 2018-2019 be accepted, was seconded by the Vice-Chairman and agreed unanimously. Action Responsible Finance Officer and Clerk
(b) Noted the following Direct Debits and Standing Orders have been paid since the last meeting:
J Hinson £563.33 (salary – November)
(c) Noted the following cheques have been signed since the last meeting:
A Lee £694.72 (salary – November) R Ling £103.70 (salary – November)
B Forrester £117.60 (wages – November)
Sparling, Benham and Brough £1448.00 (legal services for lease with Mistley Rugby Club)
Pete Irving Tree Services Ltd. £500.00 (tree work) Playdale £3,604.20 (play equipment)
(d) Approved the following payments:
Wesource £400.00 (Church yard maintenance)
Mistley Village Hall Management Committee £98.24 (janitorial supplies for public toilet)
Chairman proposed and agreed unanimously
(e) Considered and it was agreed unanimously that the quotation received for:
(i) remedial work to Swan Basin submitted by Rose Builders be accepted. Action: Clerk
(ii) remedial work to the circular brick gully surrounding Swan Basin submitted by Rose Builders be accepted. Action: Clerk
(iii) remedial work to the wall of the Cemetery in Trinity Road submitted by Rose Builders be accepted. Action: Clerk
(iv) dismantling and removing the Half-Pipe Skateboard Ramp at Furze Hill submitted by Bruce Landscapes be accepted. Action:Clerk

(f) The Council agreed unanimously to make a section 137 grant for the sum of £100 to Mistley Rugby Club, as a token of appreciation for the work undertaken by a member to clear brambles under the trees at Furze Hill. Cllr. Carter did not vote on this item. Action: Responsible Finance Officer

116.17 Correspondence
(a) Noted the following:
(i) Letters of thanks from: (i) Mistley Autumn Days Club; (ii) Welcome Home and Memorial Fund; and (iii) British Legion.
(ii) Essex County Council Temporary Traffic Regulation Order of Various Roads District of Tendring V17. This order will come into force on 8 December 2017 for works to be undertaken within an 18 Month period. Closure is required while Essex County Council undertakes carriageway and footway preparation, reconstruction and resurfacing works to the following: B1352 High Street / Harwich Road; B1352 Harwich Road / Jenkins Hill / Brickmans Hill; and Norman Road. Essex County Council (Various Roads, Tendring) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic & Clearway) (No.12) Order 2017 in respect of works taking place within an 18-month period from 10 November 2017.
(b) Considered whether to respond to Tendring District Council’s consultation seeking views on the Statement of Community Involvement. It was agreed that the Council had responded to each stage of the consultation on the Local Plan. Clerk to forward latest consultation. Action Clerk
(c) Considered and agreed unanimously to a request from the Rotary Club of Manningtree Stour Valley to use Furze Hill for the finish of the Rotary Mayflower Walk & Run on 27 May 2018. Action Clerk

117.17 Dates of next meetings all in the Village Hall
Planning Committee Thursday 4 January 2018 at 19.00
Full Council Monday 29 January 2018 at 19.00
Planning Committee Thursday 25 January 2018 at 19.00

There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 21.05.