Members of Mistley Parish Council


Parish Clerk – Susan Clements, Mistley Parish Council

c/o 29 Castle Road, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 6JP

Telephone 07982 507584

“I have worked in local government since 2000. My background prior to local government work was in a building society, where I was a Branch Manager prior to maternity leave in 1993. I then held various Volunteer roles in the community. When resuming a new career in 2000, I first started working part-time at a Town Council. First tier local government is the sort of role which best suits my skills and experience. I have varying professional qualifications and experience in the building society/banking/financial industry, project management, human resource management as well as first tier local authority/government all which can be applied and which assist me in my role serving the electorate of Mistley and the Parish Council”.


“I have lived in Mistley since 1966. I have worked for the Parish Council as Warden for over 15 years. I took on the Cleaning role more recently. My late Mother – Aggie Forrester was a great inspiration to me. She was a Parish Councillor for 27 years. I am passionate about the Village and my aspiration is to continue to keep Mistley as a wonderful place to live for the benefit of all”.




Councillor Charlotte Howell– Chairman of the Council

07768 072842

“I have lived in Mistley since I was 5 years old, and grew up in our beautiful corner of north-east Essex.  Naturally as a child I took the beauty of our countryside for granted, but as I grew up I realised how amazing it is to live in the unique surroundings of our friendly community, the ever-changing river, and a blend of rural life with the bustling nearby town of Manningtree.
As a child I used to walk past the house I now live in, and I would wish it was mine.  Several decades later the house did indeed become mine – it really is my “forever house”, which goes to show that dreams can come true.
I combine being a councillor with working full-time in the City and I also volunteer at our local hospice, St Helena in Colchester.  Being a member of the Parish Council enables me to support the community in which I love to live – we have a wonderful team of Councillors and there’s a huge amount of laughter and generosity of spirit among the Council – which is typical of the happy and neighbourly spirit of the village”.
Councillor Jenny Chaplin – Vice Chairman of the Council

01206 395336

“I was born in Mistley and have lived here all my life. Most people know me. I am retired and have been on the Council for about 12 years. During this time I have steered and tried to help people with various issues which have arisen over the years. I have been an active volunteer for Swan Watch for the last 15 years”.
Councillor Mark Lawry

07739 765628

“My wife and I have lived in Mistley for 12 years on Barley Close and are very proud to be part of the local community. Having lived in Mistley for these years I am ever more keen to maintain the character of the area in line with current ongoing developments and build on the previous work completed by the council.      I work as the Operations Manager for Network Rail covering the Colchester area working at Colchester Station, with the local station (at Mistley) being of particular interest to myself in maintaining its character and history. Furze Hill Wood and the surrounding areas are in my opinion, one of the most valuable assets to the village adding a charm to the area which is second to none. I relish the opportunity to play a greater part in preserving our local community in line with evermore changing requirements of the modern world.”

Councillor Geraldine Carter

01206 395176

“I have lived in Mistley for over 40 years and I am a supporter of local businesses and sports clubs”.
Councillor Ruth Frost

07799 623529

“I have been a Mistley resident all of my life. My Mum is the longest living resident at Stourview Avenue. I am interested in keeping Mistley a happy and safe environment for all to enjoy. I volunteer for St John’s Ambulance and I am the local Youth Manager, where I have 17 Cadets to train and look after. I also volunteer at Mistley Rugby Club and I am their First Aid Co-ordinator looking after both the senior and the massive youth section. I have an enhanced DBS with St John’s Ambulance and Mistley Rugby Club”.
Councillor Stephen Coiley

07813 013006

“I am now retired from my role as an Area Sales Manager in medical sales and want to put something back into the community I now live in. My career background is in medical sales to hospitals dealing with consultants, management and other medical professionals. I have lived in this area for three and a half years. I am an active member of the local Rotary club and the sailing club. My greatest claim to fame is organising and working on the clearing of the path along the Walls. I am the communities’ officer for Rotary. I enjoy history, sport (watching nowadays), and walking”.
Councillor Faye Kent

07843 008041

“As a working parent with young children the Council allows me the flexibility to fit my contribution around the needs of my family and work. I am interested in providing improvement facilities and equipment to encourage inclusion and community fun. I am also interested in keeping the Village safe.”

Councillor Paul Nutter

07801 236122

“Retired ex retail commercial and marketing director.   Lived in Mistley for 8 years, keen on cars, walks, swimming, cycling and restaurants and helping out where I can”.
Councillor Iris Peacock

01206 395907

“I have lived in Mistley for many years and I have also served on the Parish Council for a long time and also on the Mistley Village Hall Management Committee. The Village Hall provides activities and facilities for lots of organisations, clubs and private hirers. The Village Hall serves the community well and is the heart and hub of the Village.”
  • HR Committee –  Members comprise Councillors Chaplin, Frost, Howell, Kent and Nutter
  • Finance Committee – Members comprise Councillors Chaplin, Howell and Nutter.
  • Planning Committee – Members will comprise all Parish Councillors.

Annual Appointment of Representatives 

  • Trustees of the Rigby and Berry Charity – Councillors Coiley and Howell. (Also, Ex-Officio Rev’d D Turner – Rector Manningtree Benefice).
  • Tendring District Association of Local Councils – Councillors Chaplin and Howell.
  • Essex Association of Local Councils (EALC) – Councillors Chaplin and Howell.
  • Transport Buses and Community Rail Partnership – Councillors Lawry and Nutter.
  • Footpath Representative – Mr K Garwood.
  • Tree Warden – Councillor Paul Nutter.
  • Village Hall Management Committee – (Parish Councillor Representatives) – Councillors Chaplin and Peacock.
  • Welcome Home Field Trustees – Councillors Chaplin, Frost, Howell, Frost and Nutter. (Also Ex-officio One Town Councillor – Manningtree Town Council).
  • Tri-Parish Emergency Planning Committee – position unfilled.
  • Manningtree District Business Chamber – Councillor Coiley. (Also, Councillor Coiley is the Rotary Club representative).
  • Grounds Maintenance Volunteer Group Lead – Councillor Nutter.
  • School Representative: – Councillor Frost.