Meeting of the ANNUAL Parish Council to be held on Monday 18th May 2020


Mistley Parish Councillors are hereby summoned to the Meeting of the ANNUAL Parish Council to be held on Monday 18th May 2020 commencing at 7.30pm – virtual/remote Meeting via the Zoom platform
(Arrival from 7.15pm)


1. Nomination of Chairman and Declaration of Acceptance of Office’ – To propose, consider and agree the Chairman of the Council to serve for the ensuing year. Current Chairman of the Council – Councillor Howell to take the Chair for this item only. (New Chairman of the Council to thereafter, then takes the Chair at this point and for the remainder of the Meeting).

2. Nomination of Vice Chairman and Declaration of Acceptance of Office’ – To propose, consider and agree the Vice Chairman of the Council to serve for the ensuing year.

3. Declarations of Acceptance of Office – The new Chairman and Vice Chairman will sign their respective Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms via email/post.

4. Declarations of Interests – To receive any declarations of interest and at any point during the Meeting. To remind all Councillors to review their respective Register of Interests for any updates.

5. Welcome and Apologies for Absence – To receive and agree.

6. To consider and agree the Appointment and Composition of Parish Council Committees – Councillors will have already have considered their respective preferences and nominations in advance of the Meeting. (The nomination of Chair and Vice Chair of these Committees will be the first items of business at the first relevant new Committee Meetings). Includes:
• Cemetery Committee – (To consider reinstating). (Previous Members – Councillors Burton and Kent. (Also Town Councillor R Stocks – Manningtree Town Council and Ex-officio Member of the Public – Mr M Rayner).
• Finance Committee; – (Currently Councillors Chaplin, Howell, Nutter and Peacock).
• HR Committee;- (Currently Councillors Chaplin, Howell, Kent and Nutter).
• Planning Committee; – (Currently all Councillors are Members);

7. To consider and agree the Appointment of Councillor Representatives;
• Trustees of the Rigby and Berry Charity; – Currently Councillor Cambridge. Another Trustee is required. (Also, Ex-Officio Rev’d D Turner – Rector Manningtree Benefice). (Mr M Rayner – Member of the Public is to stand down as Trustee).
• Tendring District Association of Local Councils; – Currently Councillor Chaplin.
• Essex Association of Local Councils (EALC); – Currently Councillor Chaplin.
• Transport and Community Rail Partnership; – Currently Vacant.
• Footpath Representative; – Currently Mr K Garwood.
• Tree Warden; – Currently Mr R Horlock.
• Village Hall Management Committee; – Currently Councillor Peacock – Parish Council Representative, Councillor Carter – Primary School Representative and Councillor Nutter – Member of the Public Representative.
• Welcome Home Field Trustees;- (Already agreed) – To note: Councillors Cambridge, Chaplin, Frost, Howell, Frost and Nutter. (Also Ex-officio Town Councillor L Lay Flurrie – Manningtree Town Council).
• Tendring Older People’s Forum; – Currently Councillors Burton, Carter and Kent.
• Tri-Parish Emergency Planning Committee; – Currently Councillor Cambridge.
• Manningtree District Business Chamber; – Currently Councillor Nutter.
• Grounds Maintenance Volunteer Group Lead – Currently Councillor Nutter.

8. Terms of Reference – Committees – To receive, consider and review/agree for the ensuing year. (Attached). Incuding:
• Cemetery Committee;
• Finance Committee;
• HR Committee;
• Planning Committee.

9. Annual Review of Policies – To receive, consider and review for the ensuing year. (Attached). Including:
• Code of Conduct;
• Community Engagement Statement Policy;
• Complaints Procedure Policy;
• Councillors Internal Checks/Financial Risks;
• COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Statement Policy;
• Equal Opportunities Policy;
• GDPR letter Contractors, Allotment & other Tenants and Staff;
• MPC Asset Register;
• MPC Document Retention Policy;
• MPC GDPR Policy Statement;
• MPC Grants Policy;
• MPC Press and Media Policy;
• MPC Publication Scheme;
• MPC Staff Handbook;
• Health and Safety Policy;
• Lone Worker Statement;
• Risk Register – Play Area;
• Training and Development Policy (new);
• Website Accessibility Statement.

10. Standing Orders and Financial Regulations 2020/2021 – To note for the ensuing year. (Already agreed and adopted amended versions at 27th April 2020 Parish Council Meeting).

11. Public Voice – To facilitate members of the public / press to address the Council to a maximum of 3 minutes per person and no more than 15 minutes for the session

12. District and County Councillors Reports – To note written reports and to clarify any points from the said Reports. (3 minutes per report). (Reports attached).

13. Minutes of the last full Parish Council Meeting held on the 27th April 2020 – To receive, consider and approve. (Minutes attached).

14. Update/Matters Arising from Previous Minutes held on the 27th April 2019 – To receive and note any updates.

15. Councillors/Clerk to Report on External Meetings (COVID-19 safety measures) attended – To receive brief verbal updates.

16. Clerk and RFO (Responsible Financial Officer) Matters
• Schedule of Accounts for Payment – To receive, consider and agree payments since the last Meeting. (To follow).
• Annual Internal Audit Report 2019-2020 – Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) – To receive, consider and agree the Internal Auditor’s Report for the year-end and any responses and recommendations. (To follow).
• Annual Return for the Year Ended 31 March 2020 – Annual Governance and Accountability Return To receive, consider and approve/resolve the Accounts, Annual Return and Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2019-2020, along with supporting documents and to authorise the Chairman to sign the Return on behalf of the Council. (Attached. AGAR to follow).
• 4th Quarter Finance Report 1st January 2020 – 31st March 2020 – To receive and agree. (Attached).
• Land South of Harwich Road – To receive updates from the working party and consider and agree the next steps for this Section 106 Developer Contribution.
• Mistley Village Hall Management Committee – To receive an update about the Lease and Trust Deed dated 13/09/90. To receive and consider the correspondence received requesting a contribution towards water/electricity used for the Public Toilet. (Details attached).
• Memorial Bench – The Walls – To receive an update and consider the request further following the last Meeting and investigative work.
• Generic Councillor Emails – To receive an update from Councillors about this and the link sent previously by Mistley Computers to all Councillors.

• Recycling Revenue – Furze Hill Glass – To receive an update and consider further. (Details attached).
• Friends of Historic England – Annual Membership – £12 – To consider. (Details attached).
• Street Lighting Contract –e-on – To consider and agree.
• Urgent Finance Matters – To consider and agree any urgent finance matter after the agenda has been sent.

17. Correspondence – To note/consider and agree the following:
• Policing – To receive any updates from PCSO Pat Smith via email.
• Furze Hill War Huts – To consider and agree to expose the foundations. (Details attached).
• Shrubland Road Car Park – To consider the correspondence received about dangerous driving in this area. (Attached).
• Other Correspondence – To consider and agree any urgent details received after the agenda has been distributed.

18. Dates of Next Meetings
• Full Parish Council Meeting – Monday 22nd June 2020 – 7.30pm – Virtual/remote Meeting.
• Planning Committee – Thursday 4th June 2020 at 7.30pm –Virtual/remote Meeting.

Susan Clements (Assoc. CIPD) CILCA (FSLCC) – Parish Clerk
12th May 2020

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