Full Parish Council Meeting 16th December 2019


Mistley Parish Councillors are hereby summoned to the Meeting of the full Parish Council to be held at the Village Hall, Shrubland Road on Monday 16th December 2019 commencing at 7.30pm


1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence – To receive.

2. Declarations of Interests – To receive any declarations.

3. Public Voice – To facilitate members of the public / press to address the Council to a maximum of three minutes per person and no more than fifteen minutes for the session

4. District and County Councillors Reports – To note written reports and to clarify any points from the said reports (up to three minutes per report) and note any new updates. (Written Reports to follow).

5. Policing Update – To receive any updates from PCSO Pat Smith via email.

6. Minutes of the last full Parish Council Meeting held on the 25th November 2019 – To receive, consider and approve. (Minutes attached). (Paper copy)

7. Updates Arising from Previous Minutes held on the 25th November 2019 – To note any updates.

8. Furze Woodland Management Phased Plan – To receive a progress update and to consider and agree any financial matters.

9. Restoration of the Wall at The Green – To receive a progress update and to consider and agree any matters.

10. The Milestone – To receive a progress update and to consider and agree any matters.

11. Councillors Reports on External Meetings Attended – To receive a brief verbal update.

a) On Site Meeting with Developers – To receive an update from Councillors Cambridge and Chaplin regarding the request to the developers to reinstate part of Shrubland Road.

b) VE Celebrations May 2020 – To receive an update following the Meeting on the 10th December 2019.

c) Other Meetings – To receive an update following any other Meetings.

12. Clerk and RFO (Responsible Financial Officer) Matters

a) Schedule of Accounts for Payment – To receive, consider and agree payments to date since the last Meeting. (To follow). (Paper copy).

b) Section 137 Grants – To consider further grant requests, including Swanwatch and the Rugby Club. (Rugby Club – Re: Furze Wood work).

c) Finance Committee Meeting – 6th December 2019 – To consider and agree the recommendations. (Attached).

d) PRECEPT AND BUDGET 2020/2021 – The Parish Council is asked to receive, consider and RESOLVE the Precept and Budget for the 1st April 2020 – 31st March 2021 and to agree the recommendations of the Finance Committee Meeting held on the 6th December 2019.

e) Finance Matters – to consider and agree any urgent matter after distribution of the agenda.

13. Correspondence – to note/agree the following:

a) Friends of Historic Essex Newsletter – To note. (Already received). (Attached again).

b) Tendring District Council – Martyn Knappett – Deputy Chief Executive retiring. (Already received). (Attached again).

c) Other Correspondence – To receive any details received after the agenda has been issued.

14. Co-option of Parish Councillors Application – To receive and consider any applications for current casual co-options.

15. Mistley Rugby Club – To receive a progress update regarding the wayleave and to consider and agree any further matters.

16. Councillor and Clerk Generic Emails – To receive an update and agree “live” date for all. (Deferred from last two Meetings).

17. Dog Byelaws – To consider mitigation measures regarding “Dogs on Leads” byelaws in recreational spaces around Mistley, (including Furze Hills and the Welcome Home Field).

18. Dates of Next Meetings – Full Parish Council Meeting – Monday 20th January 2020 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Planning Committee – Thursday 9th January 2020 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.