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Corbeau Seats Rally Tendring & Clacton

Mistley Parish Council Thankyou

Free debt advice from Citizens Advice Tendring

Please see the attached document regarding Mistley Place Park, which has been sent to local residents. 
In addition to the public consultation mentioned, please note that Mistley Parish Council will be arranging an Extraordinary Meeting to which parishioners will be invited to discuss their views of the proposal.
The Extraordinary Meeting will take place once a formal planning application has been received by Tendring District Council and details of the meeting will be advised at that point.  Until such time please be advised that Mistley Parish Council has no further information about this potential development

McCarthy & Stone – Mistley – 28 January Exhibition Invitation

Rigby and Berry Charity Grants

Small Grants are available to children and young persons in the Mistley area for educational and self-development purposes.

Small Grants will normally be up to a maximum of £150 and will have to be approved by the Trustees of the Rigby and Berry Charity.

For further details, please contact Susan Clements, the Clerk to the Charity by the 14th February 2020.

Telephone 01473 827791


Statement – Mistley Parish Council – Proposed Community Governance Review

“Mistley is a large Village. Our Village is unique and we wish to maintain and protect our identity, our cultural and historical heritage includes our Mistley Towers – two classical Towers which were designed in 1776 and are now looked after by English Heritage. We have many listed buildings in our Village and within the Conservation Area. We also have Furze Hill Wood and our many Veteran Oak Trees including the famous Old Knobbley. Our Swans have been in Mistley since the 17th Century and the Swans have made our Village their home. Mistley Parish Council is opposed to its historic Village been urbanised.
Any Community Governance Review is meant to make sure that local governance is effective and convenient, and that it reflects the identities and interests of local communities.
The boundaries of most parishes make sense; they represent clear community or geographical boundaries. Mistley Parish Council feels that this is the case for Mistley and it is totally opposed to any mergers or changes involving Mistley. However, if Lawford Parish Council and Manningtree Town Council wish to merge, then Mistley Parish Council has no issues with this”.
18th December 2019 – Mistley Parish Council