Meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Monday 16th November 2020


Mistley Parish Councillors are hereby summoned to the Meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Monday 16th November 2020 commencing at 7.30pm – via the Zoom platform

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 856 9075 0398 Passcode: 932810


1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence – To receive and agree.

2. Declarations of Interests – To receive any declarations of interest and at any point during the Meeting.

3. Public Voice – To facilitate members of the public / press to address the Council to a maximum of 3 minutes per person and no more than 15 minutes for the session

4. District and County Councillors Reports – To note written reports and to clarify any points from the said Reports. (3 minutes per report). (Attached).

5. Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting held on the 19th October 2020 – To receive, consider and approve the Minutes. (Minutes attached).

6. Update/Matters Arising from Previous Minutes held on the 19th October 2020 – To receive and note any updates.

7. Councillors Reports on External and Working Group Meetings – To receive brief verbal updates and agree any matters.

a) Allotment Working Group – Hopkins Homes (Section 106 Developer Agreement with Tendring District Council)

b) Asset of Community Value Working Group

c) Signage Working Group

d) Woodland Trust Trees Working Group

8. Clerk and RFO (Responsible Financial Officer) Matters

a) Schedule of Accounts for Payment (November 2020) – To receive, consider and agree payments since the last Meeting. (To follow).

b) Half Yearly Internal Audit Check– To receive an update.

c) Land South of Harwich Road – Section 106 Developer Contributions. To note receipt of £15,015 (Section 106) and £1,500 (Car Park Rental). To agree signing the HM Land Registry Transfer Document (TP1).

d) Bank Reconciliation– October 2020 – To receive and agree. (Attached).

e) COVID-19 Matters – To receive any updates and to consider and agree any matters.

f) Welcome Home Field Play Area – To consider and agree the quotation for renewal compared with the prices for repair of the see-saw. (To follow). (Parish Council – sole trustee).

g) Zoom – Recording of Meetings – To agree a protocol in accordance with Minutes being approved and storage space.

h) Urgent Finance Matters – To consider and agree any urgent finance matter after the agenda has been sent.

9. Correspondence – To note and consider the following:

a) Policing – To receive any updates from PCSO Pat Smith. (To follow).

b) The Milestone (The Swan Basin/Fountain) – To consider the request for additional financial assistance towards this project. (Details attached). (Parish Council has agreed to adopt, insure and maintain the monument).

c) Lamp Light Christmas Carolling and Rock the Manger – To note/consider the correspondence received. (Attached).

d) Dedham Vale (AONB) – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – Project – The Walls – To receive and consider the correspondence received. (Attached).

e) Other Correspondence – To consider and agree any urgent matters received after the agenda has been distributed.

10. Festive Scene – Residents Decorating Windows – To consider the community initiative as suggested by Councillor Kent.

11. Furze Hill Wood – Thinning Programme – To receive an update and consider further.

12. Planning Committee Matter – 20/00648/FUL – Crown Building, Former Secret Bunker, Shrubland Road – Revisions – Variation of conditions 2, 4, 5 and 6 of application 12/00109/FUL (approved on appeal APP/P1560/A/13/2197833) – To make recommendations to the LPA (Local Planning Authority) in accordance with the agreed new timescales – 17th November 2020.

13. Dates of Next Meetings

a) Next Parish Council Meeting (Budget 2021/2022 and Precept) – Monday 21st December 2020 – 7.30pm via Zoom – To note.

b) Next Planning Committee Meeting – Thursday 3rd December 2020 – 7.30pm via Zoom – To note.

c) Finance Committee (Budget 2021/2022 & Precept preparations Meeting) – Wednesday 18th November 2020 – 7pm – To note.

Susan Clements – Parish Clerk
10th November 2020

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 856 9075 0398 Passcode: 932810